Posted by: thescoundrel | January 13, 2011

Barack Obama – Campaign Trail 2012

After viewing the memorial service, created to honor the tragic victims in Tucson, I tried to find words that would best describe those services. It was claiming to be designed to heal the country- following the deadly Arizona shooting spree. All the talking heads of the major News organizations I tuned in, seemed to  agree that Obama shined at the event. Though many of them thought the crowd was disrespectful. In retrospect I thought the event contained some powerful words from all the speakers. Sure, the event had some leftwing rancor hidden among the messages. But I have come to expect that at any event run by the Progressive factions that run the Democrat Party. The overall tone was nowhere near the outright  politicization  at other Progressive memorial services such as at Paul Wellstone’s memorial.  Part of the events purpose was to also qualm  the despicable bile and vileness heaped upon Sarah Palin and the Tea Party by the Progressives attempting to associate Palin and the Tea Party to the Arizona tragedy.  I am not sure it succeeded. Despite the powerful messages about unity, somewhere during the event, I felt it lost the spirit of healing and turned into a Barack Obama political Big Top Circus Campaign Rally. And other than speaker Daniel Hernandez, I think all the others fell short of offering up the reverence and deep felt expressions of sorrow that John Boehner displayed on the floor of Congress. Like Hernandez, the Republican Boehner seemed to understand the situation.

I do think that the individual that best understood the somberness of the event – was not any of the political bobble head puppets that took stage – but young Daniel Hernandez. Of all the speakers, he alone actually attempted to dispel the spotlight off of himself and instead spotlight the victims and their families. Bravo, the young man’s attitude should be an inspiration to any American! The young man might actually have a future in politics or elsewhere, assuming that the political galleries can get over the usual Michelle Obama led bigotry that he is a roly-poly.

Concerning the rest of the speakers: Napolitano, Brewer and Holder were properly respectful of the event and those that they were there to honor, though the crowd was not.  I think they understood what the event was supposed to be. And though I think Barack Obama went on the stage to do the same; somewhere in the process he went into Campaign 2012 mode, playing to the crowd and the camera.

Though I thought that Obama’s speech had some powerful messages in it, despite a couple of hidden jabs, it was clear midway through his speech he understood this was a moment he could capitalize on the exposure the moment offered.  In fact if he was intending to be respectful of the victims of this tragedy -wither  his prestige as an elite orator lacks the ability to lead respectfully or instead he just chose to allow the crowds campaign rally environment.  In fact his speech tone went from respectful to fiery and devoid of empathy. He posed and preened to the camera always offering up that plasticized regal “looking towards the future” side-profile that has become famous on Barack Obama memorabilia and posters. It saddened me that all of his powerful words started to lose their message as he turned what should have been a somber memorial event honoring the Arizona victims – into Barack Obama on the Campaign Trail 2012.



  1. Why are so many conservatives so cynIcal and unable to rise above the pettiness?

    It is abudantly obvious that you viewed President Obama’s address with preconceived biases. Had it been a conservative president reciting the exact same words, you would be heaping your praises.

  2. [It is abudantly obvious that you viewed President Obama’s address with preconceived biases. Had it been a conservative president reciting the exact same words, you would be heaping your praises.]

    I did not criticize his words. I like many other conservatives pointed out that Obama had a powerful message in his speech. I also praised Napolitano and Holder. No pettiness there. Nor was it I and I doubt it was any conservatives that booed Gov. Brewer when she stepped to the microphone. In fact there was a great deal of disrespect for the memorial event and the victims, displayed by the crowd. The speech was only trivialized by Obama’s willingness to turn what should have been a somber event trying to heal wounds into a campaign rally as he preened, posed and fired up the crowd into a frenzy instead of toning the crowd downto be respectful for the moment. That was his job as speaker and as POTUS. And though they will stay silent at the moment – you can guarantee that any potential 2012 Democrat opponents marked this down in their strategy notebooks and at some point in the Democrat Primary, someone will use it against Obama. It is the nature of the beast. I was actually touched by the real remorse over the event displayed by Boehner as it just in the nature of most politicians to have anything other than crocodile tears following tragedy. Most politicians -Democrat, Republican, etc… are parasites that feed off the blood of their followers and even their competition. Many politicians would have done the same thing. Obama is such a type of politician. It is why Obama jumped on the chance to use the event for personal gain. It only follows his history of politics dated back to the time he sucked up to Emil Jones in his scheme to become the first black president.

    [Why are so many conservatives so cynIcal and unable to rise above the pettiness?]
    If we wish to view true pettiness and vile behavior we only have to read the many forums and blogs to see how liberals behaved in trying to paint Palin, the Tea party and any conservative they despised as the catalyst for the behavior of a sociopath that had had it in for the congresswoman long before Palin was a face in Politics and the Tea Party was in its earliest stages of infancy. In my post that I linked to there are numerous vitriolic remarks I posted and those were just a few out of over 40 pages of similar comments that I had documented from just a handful of lamestream media sites.

    link –>

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