Posted by: thescoundrel | January 19, 2011

Oops Another Stupid is as Stupid Does Moment

Long before the current media sources – you might have gotten your local and worldly news from a town crier shouting out his his tasty tidbits from a town-square. If you were lucky you might have gotten  tall tales of adventure and worldly news in the form of poetry or music from wandering Bards or Minstrels. More likely you received most of your news the old tried and true way of – gossip.   So much has gossip been a part of the news process the term gossip fence has entrenched itself in our language. Hee-Haw, Yahoo and a jug of Mt. Dew!  In actuality the news was probably not all that different in quality or substance.  They certainly did not have all the modern electric light shows we get with modern news. Theirs was all up close and personal.  The one real and huge difference was speed and radius. In today’s electronic world of modern lamestream media and the Internet,  the news is exchanged at a Gossip Fence, that  is worldwide and instantaneous. And it has an eternal unforgiving  memory. Oops!!!  That can be very embarrassing for anyone, especially those of us whom can be cavalier with actions, words or expressions. Even worse for an  individual whom is traveling a lifepath that will often expose them to public scrutiny. The everlasting memory created with the advent of modern technology leaves would be public figures needing to travel a vanilla lifepath or hoping that some future exposure of past transgressions does not leave them having to choose between the mercy of the starving wolf-pack or some  ritualistic form of career Hara-Kiri. I am guessing that is how a current Rock Island Illinois politician wannabe is feeling right now over his glib past usages of the word “Nigga” and  of “marijuana consumption”, that he posted on the Internet, in 2006, while a student at Augustana College. Open mouth, insert foot progresses to potential lifepath foot and mouth disease. Though not in positive way that the school will cherish – I am guessing that Augustana will probably receive even more news exposure from this event, than when the Cincinnati Bengals mystified many  NFL experts, by drafting future stud quarterback Ken Anderson of tiny Augustana in the third round of the 1971 NFL draft. Nope, I am guessing this notoriety will not be as embraced by Augustana Alumni, as was the 1971 drafting of Ken Anderson.  For young – Joshua Paul Schipp, recent Augustana graduate-  his errant youthful words and actions has exposed his life on the modern Gossip Fence. Welcome to the modern Adult World of communication – Joshua. And always remember the cosmic wisdom of Forrest Gump – “Stupid is as Stupid Does”.


  1. When I read about this last night, I had these thoughts:

    1. Social media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc.) is the marijuana of my generation. Just as Bill Clinton swore he “didn’t inhale” and GWB stuck with his “no comment” about his drug use, now the Gen Ys will have to explain every inconvenient photo and phrase they have put out there into the ether.

    2. Examiner Jr. is about this young dweeb’s age and I remember very well how cool it was several years ago to call everybody and everything “nigga”. I had multiple lectures/conversations about how this is not appropriate, but his young mind couldn’t comprehend why it was OK for blacks to call each other “nigga”, but not white kids. *sigh*

    3. The young dweeb is knocking himself out trying to convince everyone he is not a racist—and although I don’t know him, I believe him, mostly because of my own experience with the “nigga” business, but on the upside, this constant playing of the race card diminishes its impact and power—which might be a good thing.

    As you can tell by the length of my comment, I had thought of blogging about this—but now I don’t have to—thanks S! 🙂

  2. This isn’t even close to a “playing of the race card,” its an overprivileged rich kid from suburbia thinking that it was okay for him to use the N-word as long as he didn’t get caught.

    ….. he is not the victim, he’s not the oppressed, he is not being discriminated against. The “race card” phrase refers to people who are attempting to use their race to distract from the substance of an argument, an incident, or an event. The only person who is even coming close to doing that right now is his campaign chairman, David Levin (the guy who only lost the mayoral election by about 10 votes) when he implied that Schipp is the victim of discrimination. What is getting old is hearing people refer to every loose-lipped moron’s racist statements as “playing the race card.”

    Just because he voted for Obama and read a few books about the civil rights movement does not give him a free pass. #DogTheBountyHunter

  3. I also think the advent of Social Media is going to become Chains of Jacob Marley for many would be public faces. Unless things change – the younger the individual the more likely the amount of heavy links they will have accumulated to carry around. And it is not just words. Think how many young girls and young guys are going to have to explain inappropriately media shared x-rated photos to parents, future spouses or even children. Yikes!
    I cannot believe that “anyone” who casually uses the word “Niggah” and/or “Nigger” understands just how insolent the word is. Most probably they think they are being Kool and in vogue. And I do not care who the orator of the word is -white, black whatever the ethnicity- it is not acceptable behavior. But then there are a lot of crude words used by modern society that I find equally objectionable.
    I don’t know if anyone is playing the race card -yet. Though I am sure somewhere in a smoky backroom spinning wheels on how just the event can be turned into a campaign attack. Sadly I think the guy was like too many other college students trying emulate these guys –>

    Stupid is as Stupid does

    Nor does that type of emulation or behavior scream – hey vote for me for better government.

  4. [This isn’t even close to a “playing of the race card,” its an overprivileged rich kid from suburbia thinking that it was okay for him to use the N-word as long as he didn’t get caught.]

    I don’t think you will find many that disagree with your statement.

    But please refrain from personal attacks on other posters in any posts on this blog.

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