Posted by: thescoundrel | January 24, 2011

He’s Not Worthy – He’s Not Worthy – He’s So Not Worthy

Or at least that seems to be the latest ruling from the Illinois justice system towards the man -Rham Emmanuel-  whom was seemingly on the fast track to become the next sovereign  majesty of the city of Chicago, Illinois. In a 2-1 decision, the courts ruled against Emmanuel stating that he did not meet residency requirements. Ruled off the ballot – Emmanuel has less than four weeks to file his appeal and get back on the ballot,  if he wants his grubby controlling hands juggling any State & Federal Aid destined for Chicago – not to mention being first in line with his hands out for all that lovely graft money which comes with being King $hit of Chicago. Feel pity for those judges that just ruled against Emmanuel, should he manage to secure his position of royalty in Chicago. Even before any election it is easy to guess that Emmanuel is busy sitting in some dark office creating his enemy lists, crossing out their names, then stabbing the list, while screaming death to this one or that one. You also have to assume that those judges will be at the top of any Emmanuel enemies list once he is seated on his Chicago throne.



  1. You sure don’t have faith in the system. Suggesting that Rahm is preparing a hit list and talk of stabbing etc. is not conducive to civil discussion.

  2. As flawed as it is, the US Republic system is still my preference. One of the things I have stated for years is that the founding fathers were bright enough to realize that no matter how great the system – it has to be managed by human beings. And though those in charge be liberal, conservative, libertarian, etc… the higher on the political food chain – the more they will tend to gravitate towards self-gratification over public service. Just the nature of the beast.

    [Suggesting that Rahm is preparing a hit list and talk of stabbing etc. is not conducive to civil discussion.]

    Civil discussion -concerning Rham Emmanuel? This is the man who while serving a US President – has been reported as creating a Clinton enemies list, then proceeded to stab the names on the list while screaming Die-Die-Die, during a Presidential meeting. Why should I or anyone else, expect Emmanuel to act any different a decade later? And if I were in these Judges shoes – I would be watching out for Emmanuel attack dogs to be sniffing their trails hoping for a blood scent.

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