Posted by: thescoundrel | February 5, 2011

Coulda – Woulda – Shoulda

Another day, another world crisis. This one in Egypt. Chaos rules the Streets of Egypt as a political power struggle ensues. In more ways than one it reminds me of the Iranian revolution during the Jimmy Carter presidency. And in no small way – Barack Obama’s handling of the situation reminds me of the way Carter bumbled through the Iranian Revolution. And Carters betrayal of the Shah of Iran leading up to that revolution, worked out so well for the US historically—>NOT! I will toss Obama a bone and say that he is in a damned if you do,  damned if you don’t situation. There is no winning solution available – all paths look mined for destruction.  Nor will Obama’s teleprompter offer up a magical solution.  But Obama continues to make a bad situation, worse.  And Obama’s attempt to kiss up to a Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization is very much channeling Carter’s attempts to kiss up to the radical nut job followers of Ayatollah Khomeini.  Even Chris Matthews seems to be losing his Obama man-crush as he bemoans Obama’s handling of the Egyptian crisis. As I sit here watching and pondering the current events unfold in Egypt – I see Barack Obama leading us down a Jimmy Carter path towards a future where we reminisce about coulda-woulda-shoulda  during the 2011 Egyptian Revolution.



  1. I agree Obama is making a bad situation worse with his constant flip-floppery and injecting himself (and our country) into this Egyptian chaos.

    As someone suggested, he should have stated his principles (if he has any) then just shut up.

    But still, isn’t this about the bazillionth intelligence failure by the CIA/State Department? I don’t think we’re getting our money’s worth out of those people and I hope the newly energized House GOPers will have some SERIOUS investigations/hearings into this all-too-common CIA disaster.

  2. I am thinking this is a more of a “hear no evil – see no evil – know no evil” event from the Obama Whitehouse. They just hoped the problem would cure itself. When that failed time to go into Campaign 2012 mode by looking proactive. However instead of looking Presidential – Obama has looked like Jimmy Carter floundering in Iran.

  3. Speaking of “floundering”, here’s an appropriate quote from Flounder in Animal House:

    “I can’t believe I threw up in front of Dean Wormer.” 🙂

  4. Good choice. Of course Flounder didn’t just throw up in front of Dean Wormer – he threw up on Dean Wormer! 😆

  5. While I acknowledge POTUS as the great “flounderer”, I also suspect that Barack Hussein Obama is more involved in Egypt’s revolution than he would have us believe.

    The U.S. Government Planned Egyptian Crisis Years Ago …

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