Posted by: thescoundrel | February 5, 2011

Well – Ain’t that Special

It  looks as if Team Obama’s inability to shut-up the Wikileaks pipelines has cost him another huge embarrassment. However this one is likely to cost US serious credibility when it comes to ally support. According to several media sources, the newest Wikileaks leaks say, that  Obama, against the wishes of the British government, has offered up US/Britain nuclear missile defense information as part of the new US/Russian SALT treaty. Well, ain’t that special! Chalk up another non-transparency moment for the self-proclaimed Transparent President.  AND – What is the sudden US Presidential love fest with Russian leaders. First Bush, now Obama seem to lose their sensibility and drop their trousers in order to take it up the keister when dealing with Russia. You have to wonder, which legislators and  just how much of this dirty backroom deal was known by member’s of Congress when the new SALT treaty was bull-rushed through Congress. It does fit the latest Team Obama pattern. Obama has been in campaign 2012 mode since his party took huge losses in the last election. He has been busy trying to paint his normal Marxist wannabe leftwing identity as a centrist. He even went as far as brazenly trying to use the Arizona shooting tragedy memorial as a Campaign 2012 event. And where is the lamestream media outrage at Obama’s willingness to unilaterally sell out the US and British nuclear defense  system. Most still seem to be out in Obamanation Meditation whenever Obama is having one of his Stupid is as Stupid does moments. Is there any risk Obama is not willing to place the US under, in order to get reelected? What is next from Obama in his Campaign 2012 form- offering up China or Russia our nuclear launch codes and frequencies in exchange for a sack of hanging chads?



  1. Obama’s allegiances are to Communist nations, Islamic jihadists and the interests of George Soros. I would say the betrayals and sell out are more than enough to bring about charges of treason.

  2. Things like this are the reason I no longer watch newscasts. Sad thing is Obama isn’t embarrassed
    by this, just mad he got caught.

  3. In reply to cruiser, you wrote

    Sad thing is Obama isn’t embarassed by this, just mad he got caught.

    I totally agree which is the reason we must fight Obama putting a kill switch for the internet in the Oval Office.

  4. Obama is what he is – a Marxist wannabe born to Marxist parents, surrounded by Socialists and Marxists during his developing years. So it is only natural that he surrounds himself with fellow Socialists, Marxists and even Communists. The problem has always been that the opposition has allowed him to set the rules of the game. He portrays himself as a centrist when he he is just an extreme leftist trying to use his foot in the door as a method to implement his Marxists wannabe legislation. Worse yet, the Obama worshiping press has propped up his phony centrist image. He is currently in campaign 2012 mode using the adoring press to once gain prop up his image as a centrist.

  5. So that’s the case? Quite a reaveltion that is.

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