Posted by: thescoundrel | February 8, 2011

Your Tax Money and Private Donations Hard at Work

Three-hundred million dollars in your  tax money plus millions more in your private donations through charitable organizations, such as United Way, are hard at work, well maybe  –>

If you consider Planned Parenthood advisors -caught in a media sting- educating possible sexual predators on how to obfuscate personal information, so those predators can go stealth-mode in order to use the Planned Parenthood organization as a STD healthcare/abortion provider for underage prostitutes; as acceptable behavior.

I don’t.



  1. Why is their name Planned Parenthood? Funny, huh?

  2. Planned Obsolescence might be a better name. I used to clash with many places I worked at because I refused to donate to United Way. As I told them and the UW reps – I can donate directly to charities without middlemen eating up a good share of the donation for administration duties. Nor am I willing to donate to any organization, like United Way, that also donates considerable amounts of cash to abortion friendly organizations. I recently read where some UW in Ohio had restricted donations to Planned Parenthood – over the abortion issue – to include only donations specifically designated for Planned Parenthood. A good start, but still to friendly for them to be getting any of my money.

    The US is starting to emulate Europe – too lazy to raise children. I read articles sometime back discussing the European population problems. Europe has become so lazy at raising kids they have started to import immigrants to fill their dwindling population. The articles estimated that within a couple of decades Europe would soon be facing the problem of their native citizenry will be outnumbered by the Muslim immigrants they have been trying to integrate into their normal society. The problem they are having is much of European Society has become secular while the new immigrants are generally Muslims whose strict Muslim beliefs clash with standard European culture and laws. In the not to far away future Europe could have to worry about fighting off Sharia friendly legislation. If the US continues to follow their current trends – it would not be so different here either.

  3. You’ve nailed it, Sir. But just like the ‘spending’ issue, the Liberals won’t allow logic to interfere. This great experiment is crashing not unlike the Romans, the Greeks and the Ancient Egyptians. We are doomed unless the democraps/liberals/progressives are defeated. There’s no cure for stupid!

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