Posted by: thescoundrel | February 15, 2011

US Justice System-Wimpy Wimpy Wimpy

It was reported in an article over on the QCTimes that a radical from the Animal Liberation Front, Scott DeMuth received six months in prison for his  destructive part in a vandalization of a ferret farm business that was described as an act of “animal enterprise terrorism“. According to the article the man was not required to pay any form of restitution for damages. Six months incarceration and no restitution? Once again the US justice system proves it is wimpy-wimpy-wimpy. After reading various articles posted -on a blog called “negotiation is over”- by  DeMuth sympathizers about their animal enterprise terrorist crusade and their following mission statement –>

Injunctions won’t stop us. Bans won’t stop us. The oppressors’ laws won’t stop us. An apathetic vegan community won’t stop us. Pseudo-activists & peace freaks won’t stop us. We’d rather do it with you, but we’re prepared to do it alone. This is a war. We’re here to win. We are NIO!

the punishment fell short of the crime. Those are not the words of well meaning activists but a declaration of hostile intentions. Let the punishment fit the crime. I feel this clown should have received at least a year in prison, plus sentenced to two years on the kill floor at the Joslin Meat Plant with his wages garnished to pay restitution and punitive damages to the business he vandalized, plus court costs and fines. Maybe then these thugs would reconsider vandalizing companies to get their message in the public eye.



  1. If I’d have done something like that at this kid’s age, my dad would have tanned my hide. Not support my nonsense.

  2. It is terrorism for sure. Ferrets world-wide are now scared to death.

  3. Same here Cruiser.

    Ghost, I don’t know how much ferrets have to fear -shoot as bad as they stink, don’t know why anyone would get that close to one- but business owners should fell the fear or terror acts when a cretin like this one gets a slap on the hand for destroying a business.

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