Posted by: thescoundrel | February 22, 2011

Quick Someone Call the Waaaaa-ambulance

It smells like election payback time has Three-County Quinn, as QCExaminer likes to call him – since he only managed to win three Illinois counties and still become Governor, ready to rob Peter to payoff Pat’s path to the Rod Blagojevich Throne. It seems that Pretender to the throne, Quinn, has decided to take over  $48,000,000 of tax-money designated for road repair across the entire State of Illinois to fund Chicago mass transit projects.  Can you smell what the Rockless is cooking! It smells like time for the taxpayers of Illinois to reimburse Chicago for the Daley Machine making Quinn our Pretender Governor. Wow you didn’t need my almost-psychic superpower to see that one coming. Quinn knows how and by whom he was selected into office and will look to toss every tax dollar, he can beg borrow or steal from the Illinois tax funds,  to his Chicago puppet-masters that set him upon the Blagojevich Throne. In another almost-psychic vision I can see the anointed one seemingly destined to become the newest Despot Mayor of Chicago, Rham Emmanuel, drooling over all the tax dollars he feels that he can get Quinn to bilk from Illinois Tax Payers and send his way as the newest Potentate of Chicago. A Kurt Erickson article also  claims that Quinn is also seeking to divert another $37,000,000 from the road funds – to help finance the blood-sucking  boondoggle known as AMTRACK  (my words not his). What a Muttonhead – the State of Illinois is in the middle of a financial crisis! Plus many of our road systems are badly in need of serious repair. Still like previous Governors, Quinn seeks to steal the money designated for those repairs – for his pork-barrel  projects! What is especially rank is that this action reeks of political payback. I suppose Quinn can run for reelection on a Renaissance Platform of – returning Illinois to the 19th  century by converting the Intrastates and Interstates of Illinois into Dirt & Gravel Roads!

Meanwhile in another Stupid is as Stupid Does moment, Dastardly Dick Durbin is crying a river because the United States Congress has cut $240,000,000 funding for  the Obama High Speed Rail-Train to and from Nowhere! Somebody better call the Waaaaa-ambulance. Dastardly Dick whined that it was a job-killer decision that would kill up to 1700 (mostly temporary) jobs. Wow lets do the math – something Spendthrift Politicians like Dastardly seem incapable of performing. $240,000,000 divided by 1700 jobs equals only $141,176 to mostly create 1700 temp jobs. Only a clueless politician like Dastardly would see that as a good investment. It probably is a good investment for Durbins Chicago puppetmasters, as they use it to steal and direct business from downstate Illinois to Chicago,  but it offers nothing substantial for the average taxpayer to be sacrificing their kids milk money  year-after-year-after-year in order to keep the Obama boondoggle in operation. Shoot that $240,000,000, don’t even take into account the millions upon millions of dollars more infusion that will be needed to donated by the Taxpayers on a regular basis to keep the Obama train to and from Nowhere running. It is no secret that passenger trains cannot and do not survive in the US without constant large money donations from the taxpayers. Of course bad Porkulous pipedream investments of taxpayer money has become an Obama Trademark and like the $535,000,000 he tossed to Solyndra -Dastardly Dick is all too willing to rubberstamp Obama’s spendthrift leadership.



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