Posted by: thescoundrel | February 23, 2011

Meet the New Chicago Boss His New Job is ‘Effing Golden

The election has been held and the race for Potentate Mayor of  Chicago has been called for Rabid Rham Emanuel.  Was there ever any real doubt about whom was going to win this election! Using my almost-psychic vision I get an image of Rabid Rham fervently sitting in some backroom creating his next enemies list and checking it twice trying to decide to whom he sends out rotting dead fish, drawing lines through others name stabbing tables while screaming he or she is Dead. Perhaps for lesser enemies he will instead choose the historical Chicago mob thuggery method of lead pipes across knees and other body parts.  My vision also included a picture of Rabid Rham giggling and snickering as he tried to figure ways to help Three-county Quinn siphon off even more millions of dollars of Illinois funds -designated for the whole State of Illinois-  towards the Kingdom of Rabid Rham- Chicago. If you figure with his puppetmasters and Barack Obama in charge of 2/3 of the federal government – the sky is the limit when it comes to juggling federal and state money towards those blood-sucking  Chicago Political Machines. Of course the real question will be how much of the money they direct the Chicago Way actually goes toward real needs and how much of the state and federal  money winds up in the pockets of friends, family and political cronies. As their buddy Rod Blagojevich would put it – What Rabid Rham has now is –> an ‘effing golden opportunity. And I have no doubt that Rabid Rham would hate to waste an “effing golden” opportunity anymore than he would waste taking advantage of a crisis.



  1. Somewhere I read—maybe John Kass—that Rahm has no intention of being Mayor-For-Life like the Daleys, but rather will use the mayor’s office as a stepping stone to bigger and better things—possibly even POTUS.

    My view is that after the Obama debacle, it will be a long time before the voters are bamboozled into voting for another liberal for POTUS,

    But still, it might be worth it just to watch heads explode all over the Middle East because we had a Jewish POTUS. 🙂

  2. At least the state will still be a haven for refugee politicians. Perhaps they are planning to turn
    Chicago into Washington, D.C. West.

  3. It’s breathtaking the democraps don’t see what they’re doing to themselves, their families, their State and their neighbors. Once liberals realize they can VOTE themselves more money, we are doomed (not original, but gospel). Mayor Thug will not disappoint.

  4. I am not a big fan of Mad-Dog Rham. I cannot see any good for this state coming out of this Chicago election choice. He is too stepped in DC politics and Illinois is already in enough financial trouble without this Napoleon-wannabe finding ways to dip into Illinois State funds in an effort to enhance his image as a political god.

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