Posted by: thescoundrel | March 10, 2011

Quinn Signs Legislation Eliminating the Death Penalty

On Wednesday Illinois Governor Pat Quinn signed legislation eliminating the death penalty as a form of judicial punishment. Many State Officials and Prosecutors disagree with the elimination of capital punishment  as a legal penalty. I have read some prosecutors also claim it will weaken their plea-bargaining power when dealing with murderers.  Personally, I applaud the legislation. As I stated early on in my blogging experiences: I think that the capital punishment option is a highly flawed process and in reality is nothing more than a form of legal revenge used to satiate possible angry lynch mobs.  Most murders are crimes of passion and capital punishment does nothing to deter those types of crimes. I am staunchly against the death penalty – except in all but the most heinous crimes such as terrorist acts like the Oklahoma City bombing. My personal opinion is that we should instead make part of judicial punishment – to require the guilty individual to submit to extensive medical studies, so we can try and find out what makes these people tick. Perhaps then we could find a way to identify and limit the origin of similar evils.


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