Posted by: thescoundrel | March 17, 2011

Clueless Time

Lots of fun Links today!

Okay, I admit it. I was bored stiff. I had awakened at 3:00 AM, four hours after I had laid my head down to rest. And I needed something to do in between loads of laundry. The TV I bought from American is anxiously awaiting the repairman so the Internet was my chosen distraction of choice. I tried the hard news and other than the tragedy in Japan the news was mostly repeat. So I clicked on a Time/CNN link promising the Top Ten Songs with silly lyrics. Now that sounded interesting and a distraction from the laundry busy churning in the basement.  While I am familiar with most of the songs and they certainly fit the description of Silly Lyrics – Top Ten 🙄  —>my opinion is, long shots on several. It was especially clear that the Time Staff scribbling the article certainly lacked a vast knowledge of pre-1980’s song lyric and had also FAILED to research the subject they were writing about to call their selection the “Top Ten List”. How can you have a Top Ten Silly Song Lyrics and Not include some of the big early hits like Sheb Wooley‘s – Flying Purple People Eater?  Or even wilder how about the 1966 hit by Napoleon XIV – “They’re coming to Take me Away Today”. And what Top Ten Silly lyrics List would not include any of the Great Ray Stevens (most politically incorrect!)songs? At the very least his song about a stalker titled “It’s me Margaret” belongs on the list! And while I agree with Time that the more modern Black Eyed peas song “My Humps” is deserving of Silly Status; what makes it more deserving of “Top Ten” status than the Lords of Acid song, “Pussy” (caution link is full of suggestive material)  which is full of silly double-entendre? About all both song content are great for, is as songs for part of  a Strip Club Dancers set. So the “Top Ten”, Time? I don’t think so! Your clueless editorial staff might consider a little deeper research next time. Not that actual research seems to be necessary for any modern day journalists – to get their work published.

Hey Sheb, I like short-shorts and an eye-popping  boom-chica-boom-boom, but unlike the Chuck Berry song suggests,  Ya’ll might wanna consider playing with your ding-a-ling-a-ling in private! Don’t they arrest people for doing  that in public – even in an Obama World.

😆     The Mississippi Squirrel Revival 😆



  1. My favorite place for internet wackiness is

    It’s so true—sometimes ya just gotta get away from the political clown show and try a different clown show. 🙂

  2. It must have been written by a younger person. An older person would have included the songs you mentioned and
    the Beatle’s Yellow Submarine.

  3. It has been a long time since I visited the Cracked site. Thanks for reminding me of it – QCEx!

    I agree Cruiser it must have been a kiddy journalist. There are plenty of songs from all decades that could qualify. With research they probably could have found tons more deserving from the psychedelic age of rock. Plus anything from the Archies such as Bang-shang-a-lang would qualify. Lots of greaat silly songs out there. Weird Al anyone?

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