Posted by: thescoundrel | March 18, 2011

The Man Whom Would Be George Bush Jr.

In a speech to the nation President Barack Obama gave a Middle Eastern Tyrant the following ultimatum —>

“Moammar Gadhafi has a choice. The [U.N.] resolution that passed lays out very clear conditions that must be met….

These terms are not subject to negotiation,” he added. “If Gadhafi does not comply with the resolution, the international community will impose consequences and the resolution will be enforced through military action.”

Gosh that sounds familiar! I wonder where I heard that kind of talk before? Oh yeah right before the US formed a coalition to enact military action on Iraq during the George W. Bush presidency. Huh, wasn’t it one of Barack Obama’s campaign stances – he was the anti-George Bush when it comes to using the military. Wasn’t it 2008 POTUS candidate that stated –>

It’s time to admit that no amount of American lives can resolve the political disagreement that lies at the heart of someone else’s civil war…..

Gee, the longer that Obama is in office the more his military resolutions resembles the George W. Bush Presidency. All the Bush Derangement craziness the US had to endure -YET- the champion of the Bush Deranged and the lamestream media – has military delusions of being George W. Bush Jr.  🙄


  1. To be expected, Obama does not have an original thought in his head.

    Of course, it also proves that GWB43 had much more going for him than given credit.

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  3. I think Bush screwed the pooch more than once during his middle-eastern military campaigns. But every POTUS runs into that problem protracted wars. Obama could very well run into similar problems in Libya, I hope not, but as we have seen during Afghanistan and Iraq military action is a different world when dealing with jihadists.

    I think Obama is like most modern POTUS’ – a puppet for those behind the scenes pulling the strings. When modern political factions go looking for candidates they seem to follow the Kurt Russell character from the movie “Used Cars”. They aren’t looking for someone to be a mover and a shaker they are looking for a pretty face that just tells the people what they want to hear. They are looking for a used car salesman.

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