Posted by: thescoundrel | June 29, 2011

The Legacy of Progressive Hatred Continues to Grow

I am not fond of any major US political party; though I have been associated at times with both the Republican and Democrat Party. Since I was old enough to vote I have always tried to choose a candidate for office from comparing their campaign chatter with my personal beliefs. The candidate choice usually comes down to picking the lesser of two evils offered up by either the Democrat Party or Republican Party. Sometimes I choose Republican – sometimes I choose Democrat, those are the only two realistic offerings in our political system. Yet every voting session it becomes more and more difficult to offer serious consideration to the Progressive faction worshiping Democrat Candidates.

One of the issues I have regularly railed about on this blog, is the hypocrisy among the Democrat  Party when it comes to acceptance of diversity. The Progressive faction -which has muscled itself into overbearing and intimidating Overlords of the Democrat Party- talk a good game of  diversity acceptance among members, yet in reality their talking heads spend much of their energy castigating and performing character assassination of  individuals whom do not worship at the altar of Progressivism. In yet another of the constant displays of that hypocrisy,  liberals took the opportunity to harass and verbally attack Conservative Commentator Glenn Beck and his family while they were attending a  public movie event in New York. The harassment of Beck’s family in a public event is just one more  notch on the handle of Progressive Hypocrisy that continues to display, what I continue to point out – of the two major political parties there is less tolerance of diversity among the Liberal Democrat Party than there is the much more Conservative – Republican Party.  And I suspect that will continue to be the case until the Democrat voters in the party start standing up to the bullying Progressives- that force and coerce all the other Democrat factions into servitude of the Progressive ideology and their legacy of hatred for oppositional political philosophies.



  1. They can’t run on facts so they try to scare off people like Beck, who does have the facts.

  2. Beck is an interesting character and understands that mixing some spectacle with political information takes the dull away – plus it helps you keep your sanity when all you want to do is choke the living sh*t out of any politician that opens his or her mouth to speak their spin.

  3. […] The Legacy of Progressive Hatred Continues to Grow ( […]

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