Posted by: thescoundrel | July 6, 2011

Lamestream Media Avoids the Obama Hypocrisy

Following a recent Obama event here in the Quad Cities, the Local and National Media continued to prove why they deserve the title of Lamestream Media! During the Presidents visit – like most politicians do- he spent some time at a Quad City restaurant eating the local cuisine, while hobnobbing with the local citizens. The event advanced from feel-good local story to a nationally reported phenomenon. Normally this story would be just another moment of party politicking. But as the Lamestream Media giggled and gushed over the President eating a Magic Mountain at Ross’ Restaurant, they never got around to talking about the Obama hypocrisy in his choice of cuisine. On a rare occasion I have been known to partake of a Magic Mountain from Ross’ Restaurant and I will confirm I enjoyed every bite of the treat. Of course I am not Barack Obama – a Progressive Socialist wannabe politician using his office as President to do everything within his control, to make the United States into a Nanny State -where the government has complete control over every part of your life. And a big part of that Nanny State push has been using his wife as a fanatical lobbyist to push a Nanny State Agenda controlling what you eat and drink. The Presidential meal of a Magic Mountain was aptly described by one blogger:

The President during his Tuesday visit to the 24-hour eatery had ordered four Magic Mountains–grilled Texas toast topped with loose steamed hamburger meat, piled high with a choice of French fries or hash browns, homemade cheddar cheese sauce, as well as two Volcanoes, which is the Magic Mountain with the addition of a scoop of 5-alarm meat chili and onions on top. The White House loved the Presidential outing so much it was Photo of the Day on the official website, and featured in the video series West Wing Week.

What a strange meal choice for a President who has his wife out trying to regulate and control the whole country’s food selections, to fit her narrow mind of what a meal should consist of. The Magic Mountain is a tasty treat. They are Good Eats!  But it could also be described as a heart attack upon a plate. It is not a meal you are going to find on a dietitians approved eating menu. I am glad the President took the time to enjoy one. But as is common with Nanny Statists,  Obama seems to believe – All Pigs are equal, but some Pigs are more equal than others. And as the Obama led progressive political dictators try and force feed the citizens of this country -their pre-approved Nanny State menu – like all other Socialist and Communist leadership they will be busy enjoying the High Life! Way to avoid covering the Obama Hypocrisy – Lamestream Media.



  1. The Ross’ people were obviously in full swoon that The Won deigned to visit their humble establishment, but I wonder what they really think about Michelle’s war on food like their signature dish and Obama’s quest to tax “the wealthy”—those making $200,000 or more per year, which Ross’ most certainly does.

    They made a point of saying they also serve healthy, local and organic food but the few times I’ve eaten at Ross’ nobody was chowing down on a nice, refeshing locally grown salad—-it was, as you say, a heart attack on every plate.

  2. We wonder if he would have had the nerve to try a Magic Mountain if Michelle was in THIS country at the time?

  3. 😆 QC, I am sure that heart healthy meals are the shining star on Ross’ menu. Not! I bet that the heart healthy meals don’t even qualify as a plowhorse item on the Ross’ menu. I seem to remember as a kid, they used to heavily advertise a Mile-High Pie. I am sure that was a heart healthy item also. Like you most of the people I have seen opt for non heart healthy items on the menu. I used to have an acquaintance that worked there as a cook. I am not sure if it is still the go-to place, but it used to be where many of the local exotic dancers stopped on their way home following closing times. I also wonder what will happen to the restaurant “IF” they ever get around to the I-74 expansion plans. I thought I read that they are one of the locations that will have to be moved for the expansion.

    Cruiser, I am guessing that if Michelle had been in town she would have ripped one of those heart attack plates from the Big O’s grasp for herself to enjoy. She don’t look like she misses many meals. She just don’t want any of us peons to enjoy a good meal.

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