Posted by: thescoundrel | July 7, 2011

If it Doesn’t Fit You Must Acquit

Oops! My Bad Wrong Trial!

I was reading  Cruisers recent blog, where he was sharing his thoughts over the Casey Anthony verdict.  According to at least one juror – it made the jury sick to acquit Ms. Anthony of the murder of her daughter. They did anyway. Many of the pundits are saying she is sure to get rich quick following her acquittal. That could be true. It made me wonder what is next for Ms. Anthony. Perhaps she should follow in the footsteps of another famous defendant that was acquitted of murder charges, that he had killed a family member – OJ Simpson. She should seek out his advice and perhaps he could become her mentor and assist her in finding the murderer of her daughter. After all following his acquittal OJ was known to spend extensive time combing the Golf Courses across America searching for the murderer of his wife. After getting some quality tips in detective work from OJ, I am sure that Ms. Anthony could use all that sagely wisdom gathered from The Juice, to party all the nightclubs and single bars across the US searching for her daughters killer. Of course, as  I am sure OJ will mentor her about, she might want to stay away from full length mirrors as she is executing her search –  if she wants to keep a clear conscience, as she explains what will become her continual failure to find her daughters killer.



  1. thanks for the nod, we like your take on Ms. Anthony.

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