Posted by: thescoundrel | August 6, 2011

Chris Matthews – Still Got that Thrill Up His Leg

After watching Chris “I get a thrill up my leg for Barack Obama” Matthews doing a prime-time  “supposed” promotional piece for his employer -MSNBC- it seems Matthews must still have his 2008 hard-on for Barack Obama. The Matthews/MSNBC commercial sounded more like a – reelect Obama in 2012 promotional piece. In the commercial he was practically whimpering about how people have been unfairly criticizing Barack Obama. According to some Internet blog posts  – MSNBC also has another MSNBC host,  Rachel Maddow, doing similar pro-Obama commercials. I have not yet seen the Maddow commercials.  Looks like MSNBC is already busy handing out free 2012 campaign promotions by having their talking heads pimping for Obama.



  1. The following link contains other comments about the Matthews commercial.

  2. Does anyone need further proof the media is in Obama’s pocket?
    People who are saying he can’t get re-elected should look at the
    governement figures. 51% don’t pay taxes, over 48% are now at
    the poverty level and 40 million are on welfare. Do you think these
    people would vote for someone promising higher taxes, or cuts
    in entitlements? More people better start paying attention.

  3. I think that many of the voting sheep will vote for whichever candidate his or her party rolls out. The rest will vote for whichever candidate that manages to sell them their political message. In the case of Obama I think that the progressive worshiping press will push hard sometimes openly, other times subliminally to reelect the putz. And the Republicans are not doing themselves any favors as they seem incapable of selling their ideas to the independents,that will determine the election.

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