Posted by: thescoundrel | August 17, 2011

Hurricane Obama Sweeps Through the Quad Cities

Hurricane Reelect Obama began striking the Quad Cities yesterday. The final damages from the storm are yet to be assessed as it is in the process of leaving the area. The storm has laid waste to sections of Davenport Iowa while leaving  sections of the city and surrounding area in the Iowa/Illinois regions under severe weasel-word threatening conditions.   People still  in the path of the storm are warned of heavy wind squalls  created by progressive spin. Portions of Davenport, especially those in the region of the BlackHawk Hotel, were impassable and closed off to the general public due to the severity of the storms assault on the region. Some sections of the area are still being effected as the storm leaves the area towards the farming community of Atkinson Illinois ( I once played a high school  football game there. It was a nice little town. I hope the storm damages to the area are minimal.) Regular Quad City traffic routes may be at a standstill as they are still reeling from the force of the storms havoc. Final evaluations are yet to come but the human-life cost  is expected to be extreme. The devastating human aftereffects to the human population from Storm Obama often includes disorientation, zombie like expressions and movements, hallucinations and delusions often accompanied by  mindless chants  of “hope and change”.  Media personnel are highly prone to dangerous and twisted disorders  produced from Hurricane Obama side-effects. A false sense of euphoria habitually appropriates the minds of Nanny Statist media, creating a Typhoid Mary event where they quickly spread the disease. A slap in the face by reality is often the only known cure for the disorders that accompany potentially lethal storms like Hurricane Obama. If this disease does affect  a loved one, the cure may include a long recovery time. Shrinks all over the QC area are greedily rubbing their hands together in anticipation of an overflow of mind-numbed progressive liberal hope-and-change Zombies for their couches.



  1. lol, his tour made as much sense as a hurricane. Can’t believe the claims he is not campaigninig.

  2. Politicians are always in campaign mode. It is part of their nature. And Obama has no choice his whole Presidency was built around his ability to confuse and sway the masses to believe he is the US Political Messiah instead of the clueless Socialist wannabe that he really is.

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