Posted by: thescoundrel | September 15, 2011

Team Obama Still Not Ready for Prime Time

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Almost three years into his Presidency and Barack Obama continues to prove –> He is not ready for the  prime time leadership role of President of the USA. No real big surprises there – except to the mindless Obamaton disciples that continue to chant his socialist-wannabe mantras.

One of the most “toot your own horn”  heralded pieces of the Obama administration – Obamacare – is creating even more Red Flags.  The hard sell  tactics by the Obama-Pelosi-Reid of  –We must pass it before we analyze the substance– is looking more and more like a used  car sales transaction where the salesman is trying to pass off a decommissioned taxi as belonging to a little old lady that only drove it to church on Sunday! The latest information is that Team Obama rammed this legislation through over the top of their own experts warnings that the long term care portion would be another underfunded government bureaucracy. Go figure! It helps make his current – “we must pass this legislation now” – jobs creation act spin smell like a three day old dead fish floating in the water. Unlike the attention given to Obamacare, this current Obama rush to pass legislation needs to be gone over with a fine tooth comb. I am sure it is all once gain–> Shovel Ready productions. 🙄

We also continue to see the failings from his past job creations bill – the Obama stimulus legislation. The Obama Administration’s previous rush to promote and politically spin his blind worship of Green Technology has led to the taxpayers being stuck with a half-billion dollar loan to the Solyndra Corporation which has political ties to Obama. No surprise there either, though if Team Obama follows past their history – they will look for someone to “throw under the bus” in an effort to distance the Solyndra debacle from President Obama. It just offers the knowledge that Obama does not need his old political pal Tony Rezko as part of the Obama inside circle, to continue to get the smell of dirty backroom deals on his political career.

Meanwhile as mentioned over on the QC Ghost’s and Just Cruisin’s local blogs President Obamas campaign has created a website devoted to identifying people whom criticize the Obama Administration. Wow – Obama has publicly embraced the Orwellian culture of Big Brother spying. I suppose that goes hand-in-hand with reports from former CNN reporter and current Fox News reporter Ed Henry that the Obama Administration “Freaks Out” when asked tough questions. The longer Obama is in office the more deep Team Obama escalates into the state of Paranoia! I have long compared him to Jimmy Carter but the longer Obama is in office the more Obama channels Richard Nixon when it comes to dealing with the public, any non-worshiping press and critics of his administration. But instead of breaking into the Watergate Hotel with White House Plumbers– Obama has chosen to use the modern technology of the Internet to recruit spies for his reelection cause.



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  2. Thanks for the nod. The Obama presidency is going to end up being the most costly in our history, in more ways than one. With elections coming up for the Democrats too, we don’t see his latest “jobs” plan going anywhere.

  3. Just don’t forget to say your daily mantra: Obama is a socialist. It is all socialism. Obamaton disciples know that the Obama team getting Osama was a socialist fluke. Any one who got jobs since Obama has been in office are socialists. The bankers, Hedge fund executives are happy socialism saved them. The big three car manufacturers are glad socialism stepped in to keep their corporations from filing for bankruptcy. Next thing you know the socialists will ask for peace in the Middle East. We must not let these socialistic disciples change what we love: no taxes for the rich, more armaments, and short happy lives for our young men and women in useless non-stop wars.

  4. Actually my mantra is Obama is a Socialist Wannabe. He talks the spiel of Socialism but he is even inept at being a Socialist. He is a great Teleprompter reader!
    Obama’s attempts at job programs have been a colossal failure since he took office. He continually proved what is a reality the only jobs government can create are either seeped in bureaucracy, nepotism, back room deals or financially unbalanced. Worse unemployment has soared even higher under his policies. As to his take towards War & Peace in the Middle East he channels hapless Jimmy Carter when it come comes to expressed policy. I do applaud his Osama bin Laden triumph.

    I am not a fan of our current tax system at all. I have repeatedly stated I prefer to consider something more even along the lines of consumption taxes such as the Fair Tax plan. Sadly we do need to continually invest huge amounts of our nations wealth in military might. There is no peace on Earth nor is there likely ever to be. Military investment and management is required to assure continuance by any nation.

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