Posted by: thescoundrel | September 25, 2011

Solyndra Obamatons Invoke the Fifth Amendment

According to an article on  QCOnline, the CEO and CFO of the now bankrupt Obama Green Jobs Poster child Solyndra, have refused to testify at Congressional hearings involving the Team Obama pushed half a billion dollars in Special Government loans. They have  instead opted to invoke the fifth amendment of right to silence to avoid self-incrimination.  Oops! 😳 Another set of Obama supporter and campaign contributors to toss under the Obama Bus. Worse yet, the whole debacle has created a red-flag situation where other fledgling Solar Energy corporations are struggling to get loans.

 I am not a believer or disciple of the Al Goracle Global Warming theology. But I do think that solar energy has a future as a potential energy source. Though I have no doubt that as we harness the energy there will be alternative to fossil fuel environmental issues to study. But like any good business that offers alternative products – solar energy will offer competition to the current energy markets. That is a good thing as competition creates better affordability  for consumers of each product in the game. Obama’s desire to play politics and create a reelect me poster child for his green jobs initiative has ended up with Team Obama screwing the pooch for the whole industry.

The problem with Team Obama is they have sought to ram their Green theme down the throats of the public and industry as they did with Obamacare. Instead of trying to intentionally drive up the cost of traditional energy sources while force feeding a Green Energy Revolution to the US consumer – Team Obama should have taken a free market approach and allowed market competition to drive the Solar Energy Markets. But Progressive Liberal and Socialist Wannabe Obama – ever the spin doctor politician, couldn’t resist another power grab for a new Big Brother Government Bureaucracy. He helped create this magical fantasy image of Solyndra to solidify his base and attempt to woo new Obamaton disciples. You have to wonder now that his magical Green fantasy has turned into a hideous nightmare – just how bad it will hinder startup and future investments for  the fledgling Green Industries that might have eventually been able to compete in a free market.

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  2. At the Solyndra hearings today, the implication was that DOE did not perform good due diligence. That was a totally erroneous assumption. This has nothing to do with good or bad due diligence. What this is about is that in a 2008 meeting: Lachlan Seward, Matt Rogers & Steve Spinner pointed to a piece of paper and, essentially, said: “these are our friends, they will get money. These are their competitors and our lobbyists competitors, they will not get money.” All so-called due-diligence thereafter was purposely non-existent or steered towards those friends and against those competitors. I was there!

  3. A sad but true reality is that politics -no matter what the party or stated policy- will always include rewarding those benefactors that make you master of the world you have been elected to. I said this before the False Prophet Obama was elected and it still is a reality.

    The higher upon the political food chain you have climbed – the more political favors you owe and must repay. One of my favorite quotes comes from a David Fry skit lampooning Richard Nixon. In the skit Fry states in his Nixonian impersonation -” how you look at unemployment depends on whether or not you have a job- And let me make one thing perfectly clear; all my friends are working!” It is how atta-boy Browny’s, the Jeffery Immelt’s and the Van Johnson’s get their jobs and companies like Solyndra get questionably funded.

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