Posted by: thescoundrel | October 28, 2011

The Ersatz tea party aka Occupy Wall Street

I have been following the media driven Occupy Wall Street movement with mixed emotions. I generally think that protest is a good thing. I also think that many of the  OWS  protesters are just well meaning people that are frustrated about the current financial challenges, facing all Americans across the nation. However many of the faces of the movement also project as violent individuals through personal statements and/or group actions. Others seem outright criminals involving theft and/or property defacement . And many come across in some of their demands as just covetous parasites. Other demands seem to be attempting to manipulate the movement for embossing personalized special interest causes. And while many like to compare the Occupy Wall Street to the Tea Party Movement the two seem polar opposites in the manner in which they expressed their message. I do think some of their concerns are similar. But the Tea Party was/is an orderly gathering seeking a change in government policy: the ersatz tea party, aka the Occupy Wall Street Movement -while containing some debate-worthy themes and issues- is morphing into a movement rife with individuals and organizations seeking to use class warfare and fear as a method to promote anarchy, violence and a Cloward-Piven inspired Socialist revolution.

Socialism 101

The Occupy Wall Street Hypocrisy! –> All Pigs are Equal but some Pigs are more Equal than Others!



  1. We don’t think most of them know what they’re protesting against, and some of them are even getting paid to be there. Their lack of people says more than any speaker we’ve heard.

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  3. Cruiser I am sure that many are simply there for their fifteen minutes of fame or attempting to impress some skirt they want to get under. That is the reality of all movements. The biggest problem I see with this protest is it is a Seinfeld-like program. It is a protest that is all about nothing. The things most are protesting are the very things that create the opportunities they are all screaming for.

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