Posted by: thescoundrel | November 11, 2011

Robbing Hoods Making an Offer Ya’ Can’t Refuse

In a case of Robin Hood in reverse, it seems that Service Employees International Union and Big Government Progressives have collaborated and turned into Robbing Hoods, by forcing Michigan families getting government disability for mentally-disabled adult children to pay Union dues to SEIU. The thuggery sounds like some Mafia Protection Scheme. It certainly sounds like SEIU and Big Government have made the families an offer they can’t refuse. I have said this numerous times before;  Unions started out as organizations designed to help the common man against oppressive treatment from Big Business tactics. But through various associations with Socialist, Communist and Organized Crime industries the Big Union leadership has recreated itself into the very autocratic system and bullies  they were formed to combat.  Then they form ties with like-minded  Big Government leadership where they can use the government as their bullwhip to force their power plays and agenda.



  1. We also heard a former bigshot in SEIU is now on the government board that won’t let Boeing open their non-union plant. At least we live in interesting times.

  2. […] Robbing Hoods Making an Offer Ya’ Can’t Refuse ( […]

  3. That doesn’t surprise me Cruiser as SEIU has had Obama’s (and the rest of the Progressives faction’s) ear following the False Prophets’ election. SEIU is to Obama as Haliburton was too Bush/Cheney.

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