Posted by: thescoundrel | December 28, 2011

Obama and the Justice System Evidently Thinks Voters are Stupid

A Federal Judge evidently  agrees with the Obama Administrations Justice Dept. letter  that implies minorities in the US are second class citizens, incapable of making intelligent voting decisions without the helping hand of Big Government. Their combined determination that minorities are incapable of making a discerning selection of which politician to vote for, unless the individual has a party affiliate tag next to their name on the ballot – is a spit in the face of all voters. As was displayed by Arlen Specter –> Party affiliation tags often change with the political wind, which makes RINOS and DINOS name-tossing a popular disparage among political party members. The only real purpose this ruling serves is to brand voters as stupid, while allowing politicians to use party affiliation as a means of voter-warfare, in order to limit their potential exposure to voters.



  1. Obama can’t run on his accomplishments, foreign policies, or leadership, so they are going to try and baffle us with BS. They probably figure that homeless people paid to vote several times and dead voters aren’t enough to get him another term. So if they have an interest in the minorities and getting illegal aliens to vote,
    Obama could get back in.

  2. You are correct Cruiser- Baffle them with bullshit seems to have become the modern day political cry for victory.

  3. […] Obama and the Justice System Evidently Thinks Voters are Stupid ( […]

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