Posted by: thescoundrel | January 3, 2012

a Scoundrely New Years Reflection

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Yesterday is history – living life is intended for today and tomorrow.

Learn from the past – however do not live in the past. Yesterday is a story lost to the bards of history. They will sing their songs of glory and fable. The mythic songs of chopped Cherry Trees will evolve and deteriorate until fact and fiction become difficult to tell apart. Yesterdays true personal value, lies in what lessons you have learned and that you have survived those trials, tribulations and victories you have engaged on the road of life. Yesterday is for learning, sharing and starting  the roots and foundations to nurture future generations. Let the  minstrels of today sing the tunes of yesterday in remembrance. But never let their Siren Songs keep your eyes blinded. For foundations confined to yesterdays roots have no place to grow.  Their narrowed  foundation  weakens the strength of the structure of life it supports.  Let yesterday fertilize today for tomorrow’s birth.

The circumstances of yesterday “may” define who you were, but it does not contractually obligate what path your roots choose to follow today. Today’s path  is determined by the footsteps your tendrils seek now. Choose to ignore the land-marked quagmires of yesterday and your tendrils may become embedded in the quicksand, never allowing your Yggdrasil to be develop. Choose to root inside those mires of yesterday and your tree of life will eventually crumble to the ground and be lost to future archeologists, seeking to understand your choices. Today must balance the lessons of yesterday to guide the roots of today towards a solid foundation seeking nutrition while hoping to feed tomorrows existence by planting the seeds of the future.

Yesterday we learned, so we could live today and hopefully we may reap the harvest of tomorrow. Yet, tomorrow is promised to no one. Even the strongest, most vigorous life may be slain by disease, disaster or times erosion. Our yesterdays continue to fade away replaced by today seeking to seed tomorrow. Tomorrow is merely Gods promise that the seeds of life suitably nurtured by yesterday and today – continues on with or without your Earthly gardening during the day-to-night night-to-day sunrise to sunset cycle. Yesterday was for learning, sing the songs. Today is for living, vine today’s roots into solid foundations for tomorrow is left to the seeds we will have sown during  our yesterday. It is the balance of life.

Happy New Year to All



  1. And a happy and healthy New Year to you, S.

  2. Thank You QC! It is good to hear from you. I trust everything is going well for you in your new state of residence.If things follow the Iowa POTUS primary results, it looks like you may get to keep your governor. Perhaps you could take three county Quinn and a few of our legislative buffoons off our hands to give you someone to rant on in your area. We have a plethora here in Illinois and would gladly share the wealth. 😉

  3. Thanks S, and yes, Texas is suiting me fine.

    However, legislative buffoons are always with us. While my congressman (Lamar Smith) isn’t as bad as The Philster, he is the prime sponsor in the House of the obnoxious bill that would massively regulate the internet. I’m still not up to speed on all those running for the various offices, but you can bet I will be voting against Mr. Smith. Thanks to Eric Holder taking a special interest in our redistricting maps, the primary has been pushed back to April so I’ll have plenty of time for research. 😀

    But I have to say, it will be tough for the Texas legislature to top Illinois—-especially since they only meet every other year and won’t be back in session until 2013. But still, how could they top having to show an ID to buy Drano? LOL on steroids. What a disappointment Morthland has been; if I still lived in IL, I’d be working hard to give him the boot.

    Yes, Perry has been an embarrassment, at least on the national stage, but he’s not up to Blago level of cringe-inducing—yet! Some local pundits are astonished that a guy who never lost an election has flamed out so badly in the POTUS arena; I figure the guy just met his Peter Principle limit. 🙂

  4. Yikes – go figure I got to produce ID to buy Drano but Holder don’t think anyone should have to produce ID to vote. 🙄 Typical Illinois Socialist Wannabe legislature. What a bunch of putzes are currently running our government at State and Federal levels.

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