Posted by: thescoundrel | January 27, 2012

Chicago Cubs Make Smart Off-Season Deal

I am not sure what story the upcoming chapters of Theo-Ball will relate to Chicago Cub fans. However as far as I am concerned, the Theo-Ball Executive Team has already made one of the best management decisions I have seen by Cubs management in years; by not signing superstar first-basemanPrince Fielder, to an expensive lengthy nine year contract worth over  $200,000,000. I would have loved to see Fielders bat in the cubs lineup but I am very wary of his glove talent with the young inexperienced infield the Cubs will be fielding for the next couple of years. Plus I find all modern professional sports contract salary totals obscene and little more than a public raping of sports fans by owners and  players. And while I realize that Fielder received the going salary for a man of his many talents – the past Cub signings such as Carlos Zambrano, Aramis Ramirez and Alphonso Soriano (all great players that I like, yes even Carlos!) should teach MLB that long-term multimillion dollar deals often saddle the payroll with over-the-hill players getting prime-time money.  So a big thank you to the Detroit Tigers for signing Fielder and tying up their payroll for the next decade instead of the Chicago Cubs. May he hit many-many home-runs for the Tiger Fans (they will need them to pay for his huge salary) – except when they play the Chicago Cubs.


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