Posted by: thescoundrel | January 27, 2012

Miley Cyrus – Stupid is as Stupid Does

Caution the following post contains adult subject, lame adult humor and links to adult material

Well you have to wonder if Miley Cyrus isn’t channeling Britney Spears the last couple of years. Her latest media controversy probably makes Disney Co. cringe trying to figure out profitability factors for syndication of the Hannah Montana franchise. Granted Cyrus is 19 and an adult, but buying her boyfriend a giant penis cake and making photos available of her performing oral sex on the giant cake – is not clear thinking. To quote Forrest Gump- Stupid is as Stupid does. Still her boyfriend might consider being worried that her selection of cake along with its public exposure was a Freudian Slip photographic statement of something she feels she ain’t getting out of the relationship.  And even though I am sure Disney Co. Executives are currently filling their Depends  – Daddy dearest Billy Ray Cyrus must be choking down Nitro tablets trying to fix his Achy Breaky Heart worrying about Miley being on the fast-track towards becoming the next teenage Super-Star celebrity meltdown.

P.S.  As far as I know it is a complete comedic fabrication that Miley’s gift to her boyfriend included a cb-6000.



  1. I’m concerned about the deformity on the head of the cake – it looks very STD-ish.

  2. Yes I think you might be right but it does look like the STD blister appeared after Miley applied her lip service to the cake.

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