Posted by: thescoundrel | January 29, 2012

Konsirvatibs Be sToopid

Over on Yahoo!, I have been following the popularity of a Live Science article concerning a Canadian College study comparing the connection between racism and intelligence. Considering the tone of the article and its blatant attempt to associate Conservatism, low intelligence and racism combined with many of the malevolent comments lauding the conclusion of the article, that I read at left-leaning sites like the Democratic Underground  – the US of America  is in for a long hate-filled election complete with all-around race baiting from the hardcore Democrat versus Republican ideologies.  Perhaps the best critique of the article/study I read posted at several websites was:

So IQ tests are racist, except when they’re used to “prove” that people with “socially conservative ideologies” are racist and intellectually inferior.

I grew-up in a family that was split right down the middle when it comes to Democrat versus Republican ideologies. I was among the earliest for those in my generation of a family -where the attainment of a high school diploma was rare, not because of intelligence factors but because it was not a reality of the times- that had the advantage of attending high school and later college.  With that in mind and without comment on the actual study –  I shall offer up my opinionated and mostly Conservative/Libertarian influenced paraphrase of the article (pay no attention to any subliminal sardonic messages that might be hidden in the content of my summary of what I consider a conveniently timed pre-election article, that I felt was clearly designed to stir up an Internet troll-war among Democrats and Republicans)–>

Wee hear act liVe sCience enternet sight thawt it werthy two post duh resulhts of an impotent Kanadeeianne Cawledge studee that looks at duh coneckshun beetween racingism and intaleagense.  Duh studee sayeez dat dough their be lots of varyables dat kin leed to racingist beehayvure, duh mane fakturds behighnd racingism is a lick of intaleuhgense. Are  Sumerian of duh studee concludes dat sToopid peeples bee predjewdice end most sToopid peeples be Konsirvatibs. Sew most Konsirvatibs an there eyedias must be sToopid!  Sins all peeples knough dat Liburals knot bee predjewdice then are conklushun be Liburals intaleuhgense be mulch mulch moore smatter dan Konsirvatibs, Woo hoo, Wee Win!


  1. lol, they don’t stop trying. We think somebody should do a study to find how far your IQ drops when you continue to do worthless studies to discredit someone else.

  2. Lao Tzu: “He who knows others is wise.He who knows himself is enlightened.”

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