Posted by: thescoundrel | February 1, 2012

No Change – Just Phil Hare in a Dress

I have noticed that as the upcoming March Democrat Primary nears; a hazy media silence has spread throughout the Quad City area of  17th Congressional District,  when it pertains towards Democrat candidate news. There has been the occasional voice out of the wilderness challenging the status-quo-aristocracy  that has become both Local and State Political Primary Democrat dogmatic practices. What little news printed by the media has mostly been rah-rah  from the Union Plutocracy and “Good Old Boys Network”of current and former ranking Democratic Politburo Members offering their holy affirmation of the current Politburo chosen one – Cheri Bustos (judging from comments, pretty much done deal since June of 2011). Those have included both the eight wisemen worshipers of local political politburo politics, as well as a high ranking Commissar of Illinois Politburo Politics – Dick Durbin. The most recent challenge to the Democrat Politburo practice of preselecting and anointing political candidates was a plea to the local media, in the form of a letter to the editor requesting the voting constituency to vote for candidate Greg Aguilar.

The only real dustup to date, seemed back in December; when after Candidate Cheri Bustos  tried to incite the electorate by using Party Dogma Flame tactics, her former Democrat challenger -now turned independent challenger- Eric Reyes  challenged her partisanship bickering. Independent Candidate  Reyes statement (hmm, a very difficult to find  internet search of QC media sources!) is probably one of the few sensible declarations we will probably here – from any Democrat or Republican candidate from now through the fall elections. Considering the political dogma from her press statements, he is 100% correct on Bustos.  Considering what little Bustos has espoused since her anointment has been nothing but partisanship rhetoric,  I can only assume that she is basically past Quad City Politburo Political Puppet Phil Hare in a dress.

An interesting quote from Reyes reminded me of the original Quad City Politburo anointment of Phil Hare as Lane Evans replacement as our representative. When Evans announced his retirement,  the anointed one, Phil Hare, was challenged by then Rock Island Mayor, Mark Schwiebert and Galesburg teacher Rob Mellon. After the selection, not election, of Democrat Politburo Rhetoric spewing Philobluster Hare- some of the politburo faithful began to giggle and chuckle at how Mellon and Schwiebert had been given the Smack Down by the Quad City Democratic Politburo and made to kiss the ring of then Chairman John Gianoulis  for daring to challenge the will of the Politburo selection of Hare. Candidate Reyes made the following statement to the media:

“Over the past several weeks, I have been told to expect a call from a certain U.S. senator who has apparently forgotten that his loyalty should be to his constituents,” Mr. Reyes said Tuesday. “Perhaps I never got that call because he figured out that I am a man of principle and would not have dropped out of the race no matter how many different ways he told me that after this election I’d have no future in public service.”

Considering that statement and that there seems little, if any, coverage of any challengers to Bustos; John Gianoulis may be dead and no longer the current carnival barker of local politics, but his legacy of media-silencing and bitch-slapping  challengers to  Quad City Politburo decisions seems to live on. And Phil Hare may have been kicked to the side of the road by voters, though not before seeking to employ all his friends and relatives to taxpayer funded government positions, but the Democratic Politburo has decided to attempt force feed voters a Phil Hare clone, Politburo Dogmatist Cheri Bustos. And as during the original anointment of Philobluster Hare–> the continued years of media silence, is deafening! Some things never change in politics and among the so-called modern media watchdogs  -supposedly watching out for the public.


  1. The sucking on the Illinois side of the river is making my ears pop (and my heart break). Whoever is ‘left’ after the crash, please search for relief to the East.

  2. Thanks for the linky-love, S; I’m glad I took your advice and left my blog open but with full moderation.

    Per usual, I really blew my prediction that the Dems would have an open contest for congress without any Politburo interference. Now it looks like the RICO Politburo didn’t have enough clout in Rockford and Peoria to decide The Chosen One, so the Dick Durbin had to bigfoot it in their stead. How predictable—I should have seen it coming!

    One of my reader/commenters sent me this link to an interview with George Gaulrapp who is the mayor of Freeport. He says the Dick tried to strong-arm him into quitting the race but Gaulrapp told the Dick to sod off. Bravo for him! If I still lived in the QCs, I’d probably vote for him just for this display of chutzpah.

    But don’t feel you are alone dealing with idiot politicians; my congressman is GOPer Lamar Smith, who is the guy who created and pushed the SOPA thing (the internet regulation bill). He has been in congress since the 80s and seems to think he works for the powerful, not the people (in this case Hollywood). Sound familiar?

    Fortunately, due to the redistricting maps being delayed because of court challenges, this has given a challenger time to come forward to primary him. The two main political parties in Texas seem to be the GOP and the TEA Party; his challenger is with the latter. Smith has done some good things over the years and chairs the Judiciary Committee, but this SOPA thing is a bridge too far for many Texans.

    You’ve been blogging up a storm lately—keep up the good work!

  3. Well dang! As usual, I messed up the URL—I’ve probably gotten worse due to lack of practice!

    Try this.


  4. Well Ghost we in Illinois have turned from the Land of Lincoln to the Land of Stinking. They just need to change the Interstate signs to read correctly.

  5. Good to here from you QC! Have y’all developed that Southern Twang and drawl yet? Once you have it you never totally lose it. The next step is finding griyets and graaavy on your plate at every meal. 🙂 Sounds like you need to Hareitize Lamar like you did the Philobluster. Hah your second link worked. I messed up four links on my newest post that I had to redo. I blame it on bloggerblock since the post was extra-extra-extra lengthy! Hey I did throw in extra links and sporadic comedic relief to lessen the drama. 😯
    Actually the story you linked to reminds me of what Reyes posted on his site about a “party official” trying to keep him from running. I am on the opposite spectrum of politics than Reyes and Gualrapp but it is good to see these guys flash their fangs at the rigid party status quo. I am no Paulite, but they remind me of Ron Paul and his pissing on the shoes of those trying to weed him out of the Republican race. Both the Republicans and Democrats need candidates to shakeup the systems and rid the Parties of their rigid structure.
    Another thing I touched on in my post was the lack of QC media attention the Iron Fist of Durbin has drawn. It seems like it is a great unknown secret with the local media. I seem to remember reading about Reyes decision to turn Independent as well as his vocal blast about Cheri Bustos’ blatant partisanship attack on Schilling. Yet when I searched the QCOnline files I could not find the articles. In fact I found very little about the candidates in general except some rah-rah pieces displaying how Dipstick Durbin and the local politburo members were rallying around the Bustos Banner. Sadly to link to the original Reyes quotes I had to go outside the QC media and to Reyes personal website for my links. What a shameful circumstance for the QC media. It does make you wonder if Durbin and the state and local politburos has been using their Iron Fists to intimidate the media. The whole set of events makes the local media look weak.

  6. No S, I don”t have a Texas twang—and neither do most of my fellow Texans! Early on I noticed the dearth of Texas accents, so naturally I asked some native Texans about this. This is what I discovered:

    Even natives in my part of Texas (central) don’t have twangs. They claim that is a “west Texas” thing—you know, GWB and all that.

    Also, they said I didn’t have a northern accent. I don’t know if this is due to the natural good manners of southerners or the fact that I was born and raised in southern Kansas, but 35 years in the QCs have tempered my southern accent—and believe me, I was mocked for my accent when I first arrived in the QCs.

    On the other hand, what most people know of Illinois is Chicago, so maybe they expected me to sound like a Chicago gangster—dem, deese,dose, etc.

    Hard to say.

    But I can’t say I’m shocked that the local press is covering for the powerful Democrats since I regularly railed against them.

    We have to deal with the press we have, not the press we wish we had!

  7. 😥 I am really disappointed about the lack of twang. I suppose you ain’t eating grits and gravy every meal or driving pick-up trucks with bull horns mounted on the front either,. How y’all supposed to be stereotyped as Texans if you have less drawl than people that never lived south of the Mason Dixie line.

    Personally I just think the press has gotten to lazy and cheap to fund old-time reporting. So they just reprint press releases. I eagerly await them to prove me wrong.


  8. My part of Texas isn’t really “southern” at least as far as cuisine is concerned; it’s more Tex-Mex southwestern.

    Since TX was once part of Mexico, the Mexican influence is obvious, but the central part of the state was settled by Germans in the 1840s, so there is lots of smoked meats and beer. I don’t think I’ve ever seen grits or hush puppies featured on any menu of any restaurant I’ve ever visited.

    The big deal here is what is called “barbeque”, with the main meat being beef—especially brisket; and there is no sauce, it’s all about slow cooking and smoking the meat.

    As for my ride, I brought my truck down from Illinois; now I just need to get a gun rack. 😀

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  11. […] No Change – Just Phil Hare in a Dress ( 41.512256 -90.415130 Share this:DiggTwitterFacebookEmailStumbleUponPrintRedditLike this:LikeBe the first to like this post. […]

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