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Part of the 57 percent but not among the 99 and 44/100 % Pure


Caution the extended length of the following post turned short story novel may damage your mind, eyes, cause excruciating headaches, damage to essential body parts and/or bodily functions while reading. I am sure somewhere out there in the Twilight Zone are government regulations requiring my warning you of these dangers. Expect even less help from this author than you will get from any government agency in fixing physical or mental problems arising from reading this post.

Get out your Mt. Dew and Banana  Moon Pies. Yup, this is not a People Magazine post where you can expect to be able to read and absorb the entire content as you sit on the potty, while also concentrating on releasing your normal bowel movement (and did I just steal parts of that rant from “The Big Chill“?), unless you own some special chair that lets you do your potty business, without leaving the comfort of your normal reading chair. Complete with occasional strange comedic relief that accompanies my exceedingly eccentric personality (Can exceedingly actually accompany eccentric without them canceling each other out in a double negative? Does it really matter. Boxers or briefs Mr. Clinton?) –> On with the show this is it. (Cue Dancers.)

I followed a link from HotAir to a 02-02-12 article by Pew Research that talked about the different perception USAmerican citizens in the GOP have on the governments assistance to the poor. I assume the article is in response to Mitt Romney’s open-mouth- insert-foot gaffe saying he “didn’t worry about the poor as they have governmental program safety nets. Granted for the most part Romney’s gaffe is being taken  out of context by the media. But the statement was ill thought out and clearly a problem that propagates the left-vs.-right class warfare that will surely inundate the candidate  conversations of the 2012 elections. Say does anybody really give a hoot about Bob Beckel’s analogies or is he just the lefts version of Pat Buchanan? Say Hey Willy Mays,  here is some interesting news for someone I bet, Rosanne Barr is now running for president on a platform of beheading bankers and legalizing weed. Legalizing weed – she will certainly get my cousin’s vote. She can join the list of other past unsung  notable candidates such as Tom “Billy Jack” Laughlin or  bizarro candidates like John Taylor Bowles . Hopefully, whether she wins or loses, she WILL NOT be asked to sing the national anthem.

The research poll shows pretty much what you expect from a study if you are comparing questions that revolve around income and how the different brackets feel about the governments ability or inability in assisting the lower income brackets. The brackets were set at income  less than $30,000 for the lowest bracket, from $30,000 to $74,999 bracket for median incomes and $75,000 or greater for the higher brackets. The chart displayed that the lower the income bracket-  the less trust of fairness concerning the economic system as well as the less satisfied with government and its help for the lower income families. In my 29+ years on this planet, I have never made equal to or over $30,000. So I assume that qualifies me as belonging in the study’s lower income bracket – my whole career. In the article in there were three polls displayed as well as quantifying comparisons contained in each category. I would also say that if you take the questions, as posed by the study, that my answers would fairly match what the poll presented. But examining  my personal reasons as well as the reasoning behind others polled, for answering the questions in a matching manner – I think you would find the reasons many people match the controlled poll questions will often vary. (Cue commercial break. Now is probably an opportune time to rush to the bathroom and relieve yourself of the pressure building in your bladder from the Mt. Dew and return with another Moon Pie (maybe Vanilla this time) or Snickers bar for a sugar induced energy rush. If you have none, call up your best friend and have them purchase and deliver your snack to the door! )

In the category titled “But Also See Economic System Less Fair” there were three questions.

St1) The economic system in this country unfairly favors the wealthy.
      Okay I would mostly agree with that statement. Though I would drop out the word unfairly. The inclusion of the word fair masks any real or actual results.  Fair is a perception not a measurable factor. I don’t care what kind of comparison you make on any level of any subject you study – there is no such thing as a “fair” challenge. There is always a balance that tilts in favor or another person in any challenge, be it economic, personal or athletic. The trick to your success is to play to your strengths and hope for a break that allows you to capitalize on those strengths.

  St2) Wall Street hurts the American economy more than it helps.
      Like the previous question it comes down to one of perception.  Unlike the majority of people in my income bracket, I actually disagree with the overall statement. Though many of us may work for companies that makeup the wheeling and dealing focus of Wall Street, the average lower income individual is not overtly involved in the dealings of Wall Street, though there effects are felt by us on a daily basis. Our dealings with Wall Street are mostly concealed tendrils that only indirectly link us to the day-traders daily business. Because of that, since we have no day-to-day involvement in how it effects our lives, we rarely see the positive ways it affects our lives. On the opposite end we do see the more negative ways that  Wall Street overtly effects out lives when we visit gas pumps, grocery stores, clothing and retail shops or when a company takeover eliminates jobs instead of saving them. Basically this is another immeasurable qualifying factor for most of us – as posed by this poll.

  St3) A few rich people and corporations have too much power in the US.
      Okay I mostly agree with this statement. The rich and powerful have always had way too much influence and power in the US. (And sadly the Leverage Team on TNT is just a fictional group.)  But that can also be said of any country, at most any time in history. Both major political parties in the US are run by groups of rich and powerful people. Sometimes that is good, sometimes that is bad. Without their money, power and influence the political legislation that  Conservatives, Liberals, Libertarians and etc… vote to see implemented would probably never see the light of day. Sadly as with any nasty tasting medicine -diabetic Dimetapp quickly comes to mind- you often have to take the bad taste results  along with the good tasting results. That doesn’t mean we don’t get to publicly whine, scream, cry and even throw temper tantrums – hoping to get things changed! 😉  😉   You can even perform those freedoms  on the Internet using blogs or social networking! Those particular rights of freedom go along with being a citizen of the US. Try those freedoms in any of the Socialist/Communist operated Countries like the former USSR, Modern China, Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela etc… and see how long before you end up in a concentration/reeducation camp or they simply apply a bullet in to your brainpan, Squish-Squish, Yuck! (Cue public safety message.) Perhaps now is a good time to standup, stretch your legs and body in an effort to reduce the possibility of deep vein thrombosis blood-clots forming in your legs, often caused caused from extensive sitting!

The next category in the poll is titled “Lower-Income Republicans Share Distrust in Government” . I am guessing that is hardly a great secret. I have often stated that for years I have considered myself a Conservative Independent. Though in my 29+ years of travels I have walked the same paths of both the Democrat and Republican Party. Neither shoes seemed to fit my feet. However, I would guess that some, not all, lower-income Republicans, are like myself -Financial Moderates/Partially Social Conservatives, though I freely admit that at one point in my earlier life I was a free-wheeling do your own thing liberal. I have no scientific proof to offer, but like the Magnificent Carnac, just my best guesstimate concerning those people I have known and interacted with over the years. And since I am basically a Zelig, though I don’ t ever remember meeting Woody Allen, (Hmmm, does that make me better, worse or just similar to Chauncey Gardner?)  I have had the opportunity to interact with a lot of polar opposites in my lifetime. That doesn’t make me an expert but it has allowed me a lot of access to polarizing statements and opinions. An important detail in certifying my expertise is the fact that I once worked for a future Holiday Inn.  In this poll the writers offered two assessments.

  St1) Trust Government “only some of the time” or “never”.
      I easily fit into this category. As I feel most conservatives would. The answer is easy. Why trust government! I am a firm believer in that old adage – “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” It is a no-brainer. I don’t care whether a person is conservative, liberal or wherever their political faith lies – trusting big government to pragmatically represent your everyday interests is like trusting a shylock to kindly forgive you on a late payment. It ain’t gonna happen. Even with the publics best interest at heart before being elected, once in power a legislator is faced with temptations, necessary-while-often-embarrassing compromises and the desperation of insurmountable hills to climb – when it comes to representing USAmericans. And the longer in office the more likely the individual is to turn to the Dark Side. Mr. Smith goes to Washington eventually evolves into a Sith Lord. (Cue to the ominous Darth Vader mechanized heavy breathing.) In the end you end up with abomination legislation -like Obamacare-  that only serves the political aspirations of those ramming the legislation through Congress.  

  St2) Feel “Angry” with the Federal Government
      Those results were actually kind of even across the board. Really, what person Conservative, Liberal or otherwise, has not felt “angry” at the federal government, no matter what income level you belong. And it usually festers. Currently the left is furious at Obama because he has not lived up to their Socialist-leaning  expectations. Those of us on the right are upset with Obama because we feel that he has exceeded any Socialist -leaning expectations. And those angry in the middle are just pissed because instead of being the Great Uniter he promised in his drink my Kool-Aid Dopey-Hopey-Changey thing campaign – he has turned out to be the Great Divider. Hey everybody is angry. Angry at Obama, angry at the Senate and angry at the Congress. Well if everybody is so bad, why are they all so unpopular for doing their jobs? Easy, Great Expectations. Politicians are all promise and little deliver. Plus even the smallest wrong they do – outweighs the best piece of legislation on the books they were ever involved, in the mind of the public. (Is there such a monster as good legislation. Probably not, once again good or bad is a perception.) Don’t cha just love it, Play it Daddy Dew Drops –> Chick-a-Boom, Chick-a Boom, Chick-a- Boom-Boom-Boom.

That brings us to the final part of the poll, a graph displaying the split between GOP voters by income levels in judging Government help for the poor. I don’t disagree  that the polls numbers are probably a good indicator of the thinking among GOP voters – as the questions were proposed. In the poll the highest incomes polled as 44% said the government did too much for the poor, 32% said the government did just the right amount for the poor while 21% said they did too little for the poor. Among medium income the polls read 40% felt the government did too much, 25% said they did just right for the poor and 32% said they did too little. Among the lowest incomes the poll indicated only about 18% thought the government did too much for the poor. Next was 21% thought the government did about the right amount for the people while an overwhelming 57% amount felt that the government did too little for the poor. Okay you can count me among the 57% that thinks the government does too little for the poor. But chunking me in with the 57% does not explain why I feel that way.  (cue Twilight Zone Music, again.)

Speaking personally as part of the 57% (can’t speak for the rest or the 99 & 44/100% though I might be able to speak for the 56/100% if I just knew what was behind that Green Door. I bet Monty Hall knows what was behind the Green Door.) I think that most current government programs to help the poor are a BUST and No I an not thinking about what attracts men to Nikki Knockers. Though that is not an unpleasant thought to this 29+ year old bachelor, flashback to my wasted liberal youth spent chasing wild women at strip clubs! Married men should take a brief moment to wash out their minds with their favorite unscented hypoallergenic soap. The rest of us can spin circles in our office chairs while we wait on the others, before we can continue. (Short intermission. Can we really believe Marilyn Chambers Preferred Soap is 99 44/100 % pure! And just what is in that other 56/100%! Can you find that missing purity behind the Green Door?) Government social programs are mostly nepotistic designed bureaucratic nightmares, best designed to keep legislators’ political contributors, friends and family with jobs – instead of actually helping those in need. Hey- Atta Boy Brownie! Every well meaning social program is reeling from government mismanagement. Hell even those programs that actually do help are filled with rampant nepotism. Though let me say that many public servants will work their ass off to help someone in need. Most just lack the training and knowledge to really make the difference to help. That is poor management on the governments part. Too much of the money allocated to helping – winds up in the pockets of the undeserving bureaucrats running the shows. One of the best examples I have encountered has been with Job Service. During the two periods I was previously unemployed, the  time I spent at job service was a waste. The individuals in the office meant well but frankly they knew less about assisting me to  find a job, than I do about rocket science. And I don’t know much about Rocket Science. But I do really like Moon Pies – though not the chocolate ones.  The Job Service help was either handing me a slip of paper with known job openings or sending me to a computer to search for the same. I could have done all that myself. I suspect that had they been running a temp job service for the public, they would have been highly unsuccessful. My guess is, especially in the current job market, most of the longterm unemployed people piling into the office need more than directions to the computer website. I cannot say that I have been offered any better evaluations of the government  job service by anyone I know that has used it since my experiences over a decade ago. I help and am familiar with people both on Disability and Social Security retirement programs. Once again they fall short especially when dealing with Medicare or Medicaid. Hell States like Illinois have pissed away the money designed to go towards Medicare, Medicaid and even the education systems. I have seen doctors that have posted signs turning away Medicaid patients. The school systems are begging for money to run basic operations, while the system is also going broke because the State is overextended for guaranteeing outlandish salaries and retirement benefits to administrators. So sure I think that the government does not do enough for the poor and needy. The problem is that they just do not know how to allocate and spend money to operate the social systems they create as a protection net. Sheesh!!! And liberals wonder why I call Obamacare a Frankenstein Monster! That piece of monstrosity will cause untold misery and in the end will help fewer people than it can help. It is little more than a George Bernard Shaw heralded eugenics program in its infancy. We don’t need new fake bureaucracies – but new ideas to fix the bureaucracy problems we already have. Say does anybody else hate it when somebody tries to pass off powdered lemon drinks like Country-Time as lemonade! Grrr, there are kids across the nation that are under the assumption lemonade is something made from a powder. Yucko! Sure I use powdered lemonade – but never as a stand-alone – and I always mix it full-strength with enough real lemons and sweetener to make it taste old-fashioned. Can you say sugarrrrr!!!  Up your nose with a rubber hose Michelle Obama, Mayor Bloomberg and the rest of the food police!!!

In my opinion the Pew Research poll is basically a ploy on words looking to make a Pulitzer Prize story out of simple limericks. Is there some real information there -sure- but little substance. Most polls are basically words that have been manipulated to achieve an expected response in order to satisfy someone’s ego and to quantify some theory they got from a wild hair growing on their gluteus-maximus region. Rant Over. ( Draw curtain, cue Porky Pig.)


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  1. Some of the links were not working. I believe I have fixed all the non-working links in this post. If anyone runs across a link that is not working list it here in the comments and I will check it out.

    Cornbread Blatherskite
    Still a known scoundrel by any other name

  2. After I got out of the Navy I tried the government job service once. A Vet Rep came and escorted me to his cubicle and the first thing he asked me was if I checked the classified ads in the newspaper. Then after I told him I didn’t have transportation yet, he sent me to a plant 40 miles away!

  3. Yup that sounds like typical government bureaucracy. The first time I walked into a job service they sent me all the way to Rock Falls to apply for a part-time job. 🙄 I couldn’t have afforded to drive to there if the job had been full-time at the wages being offered. It was a waste of my time and money as well as the company that they sent me to. I did get an interview but the company knew we were a bad fit due to the distance problem.

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