Posted by: thescoundrel | February 12, 2012

A Sign of the Times to Come?

Caution the following post deals with adult subject of a sexual nature.

An article on Time’s News Feed makes you wonder if the US is behind the times when it comes to protecting the USAmerican human gene pool from accidental incestuous breeding? According to the article tiny Iceland has created an  ancestry and genetic website that its citizenry is also using to weed out possible incestuous relationships. The old jokes about hillbilly marriage with their cousins immediately springs to mind. But in the more modern times of US sexual practices the chance for accidental incest is a very real danger. Perhaps one of the biggest dangers comes from the often used modern practice of artificial insemination for biological clock-ticking single professionals, straight and lesbian couples. It is estimated that as many as 60,000 children are born in the US yearly by sperm donors. And though the mothers are asked to report such births to the sperm banks – it evidently only happens 20% to 40% of the time. In one instance noted in an article, one man had fathered 150 children through artificial insemination. A study I read also suggested that of women with two or more children there was a 28% chance the children had multiple fathers. There is also the issue of mothers who refuse to register the name of their baby’s father for personal reasons. That does not take into account children fathered by sexual partners other than the husband, where the husband is automatically registered as the father on birth certificates. There are also cases where members of the male population think it is their duty in life to randomly repopulate the world with Mini-Mes, with as many different women as possible. There is even a growing sexual fetish that includes couples taking part in random partner breeding. While this all may seem incongruous , it certainly increases the likelihood of inadvertent and accidental incestuous relationships. I know this used to be a small concern for adults that were adopted as children, but with the increasing usage  of modern reproductive technology and the loosening of sexual mores – how do we balance the rights of personal privacy versus the risks of accidental inbreeding by offspring? Just roll the dice and gamble? It is the way it has been to date. Is the Icelandic model a sign of the times to come? I hope not. Perhaps what worries me even more, is that I can envision Nanny Statists in the Republican and Democrat Parties eventually using this issue as a reason to force a national DNA registry to track genetics of all USAmericans. A perfect foothold for Nanny Statists involved in the philosophy of eugenics. 

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  1. At least in some parts of the country DNA testing is a necessity. 😀

  2. Hah – that is a scary link!

    So QC, when ya gonna fire up a new blog. No sense wasting all that talent just because you now whistle Dixie and eat slow braised brisket everyday. Hey !!! Inquiring minds wanna know.

  3. I dunno about a new blog S, for now I don’t have any plans for one. I don’t know enough about Texas politics to comment and national politics is as depressing as ever and I don’t follow QC/IL politics as closely as I used to.

    I recently saw a University of Texas/Texas Tribune poll that showed Santorum leading Romney 49 to 18 among Texas GOPers. A lot can happen until the primary in late May, but holy cow! If Santorum wins this state in a landslide, I will have done a complete 180 in one year; from leftwing wacko Illinois to rightwing wacko Texas!

    So for now I’m just too distracted to blog, we’re traveling a lot visiting historic sites and I’m just not settled in enough yet to think about politics very closely. Besides, I’m enjoying my former hobby of commenting on other people’s blogs again—especially here.

    It’s a lot less work, too! 🙂

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