Posted by: thescoundrel | February 15, 2012

Xi Jinping – Just Passing Through the Quad Cities

Current Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping, predicted to be the next President of Communist China, is currently goodwill traveling in the US.  He was greeted in Washington DC by unusually extravagant pomp that included a nineteen gun salute and a 350 troop honor guard. A first for foreign dignitary visiting the US. Xi spent Valentines Day in political discourse supposedly working US/China ties, with Obama and his security advisors. To the best of my knowledge, there is absolutely no veracity to any vicious rumor -that instead of doing his normal subservient bow, kneel and kiss of the foreign diplomats signet ring- President Obama, VP Joe Biden and other staff members performed a Valentines Day rim job on the future Chinese President, to finalize any future US/China business and political relations they discussed.  According to a National Press service, which will remain unnamed by this author,  Mr. Xi’s is then to visit some farm in Iowa.  ROFLMAO.

I am constantly haranguing the local press on their lack of effort that they put into modern journalism. The story by a major press service of Xi’s visit to some farm in Iowa is another example of the lack of effort put into contemporary journalistic efforts. If they had actually bothered to use journalistic curiosity in order look into the reasons a future President of China would visit some farm in Iowa – they would have found out, as the Quad City media enlightened their readers, that Mr. Xi had visited the same region outside Muscatine Iowa in a previous visit touring the US. As can be expected when foreign dignitaries visit rural America, there is an ever increasing buzz among the residents. Some of the more giddy, disclosed stories of interaction with the Chinese official during his previous visit. One person was digging out a can of tea that VP Xi had presented to the individual during his previous visit. Hmm – Makes you wonder when the  last time the reporter, who educated his or her readers about Xi’s visit to some farm in Iowa, received any type of gift from a Vice President of a Super Power Nation. Not that the local press didn’t have boo-boos in their story.

The local Quad City media was eager to mention that VP Xi would be arriving at the Quad City airport on Wednesday afternoon on his way to the farm outside of Muscatine Iowa. The story on QCOnline – listed on 02/14/12 – talked about how:

Several Muscatine residents talked warmly Tuesday afternoon about a planned meeting with an old friend today.

Of course the article also mentions that VP Xi is not actually arriving in the QC until Wednesday afternoon, 02-15-12, on his way to Muscatine. 😳 Nice proofreading editors. Meanwhile back at the ranch….
Another thing the QCOnline piece mentioned was that there would be a welcoming committee of Illinois Politicians for the Chinese VP, when he landed at the Quad City Airport in Moline, Illinois. I don’t imagine that he will get quite the pomp he received during his arrival in Washington DC . In fact if I were Xi’s security, I would be very worried if anyone mentioned a possible 19 gun salute at the Moline airport – considering that both John McCain and Barack Obama were confronted by assassination plots during their 2008 campaigning in the Quad City region. Though that happened on the Iowa side of the QC.  If I were Xi’s security I would “Just Say, NO!” to any possible welcoming involving projectile weapons.

Even more interesting the Quad City article was the mention that the welcoming committee at the Quad City airport would be headed by Illinois Lt. Governor Sheila Simon and Secretary of State, Jesse White.  Unlike in  Muscatine, where Iowa Governor Branstadt will be welcoming XI, there was no mention of Illinois Governor Three-County Quinn being involved with the Illinois ceremony. I suppose Quinn has better things to do, as he helplessly flounders around trying to right the sinking ship that best describes the Illinois economic outlook. According to the QCOnline article, China imported around 3.9 billion dollars of Illinois products in 2011. Yeah, 🙄 , I would send my second-in-command to head a welcoming committee for the VP of the third largest importer of Illinois’ goods. Perhaps Three-County Quinn has some more important bootyious maximus kissing scheduled for Chicago “We’re Number 1!!!” Politicos, whose “Tombstone Voting” practices were probably integral in electing Three-County,  that overrides any common courtesy for major trading partners: it is probably some genius plan by Quinn to keep from ending up on a Mad Dog Rahm Emanuel enemy list.



  1. We have the best media money can buy.

  2. Yeah but the buying is all done by local puppet-masters.

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