Posted by: thescoundrel | February 16, 2012

17th District Democrat Primary – Silence is Golden

In an article posted on QCOnline, Democrat candidates for Congressman of the 17th District of Illinois,  George Gualrapp and Greg Aguilar made statements that fellow Democrat candidate – the Rock Island Democratic Politburo anointed one, Cheri “Phil Hare in a Dress” Bustos has been avoiding debating the other challengers. Hmm, suspicious? As I stated in an earlier post, the media silence surrounding the candidates has been deafening since  Bustos’ last political rhetoric back in December, which got her bitchslapped in the media for partisanship, by former Democrat candidate, now turned Independent, Eric Reyes. Considering that head of the local RI Politburo, Steve Ballard (whom might want to bitchslap the photographer), has always struck me as both intelligent and savvy – I have long suspected that since December, they have placed a muzzle on Cheribluster Bustos, except when she is in politburo safe zones. Considering that her December outburst resembled the political bluster that crippled her predecessor’s – Philobluster Hare- reelection campaign,  I assume even then, she is on a short lease. Bustos claimed that she was not avoiding debates despite refusing to take part in two suggested debates – including one that would have been on local QC KWQC channel, in Davenport Iowa. Granted the station is on the Iowa side, but the odds are KWQC would probably have offered all the candidates the best exposure  available to reach their constituents of the Illinois 17th District. I think what went unsaid by the Bustos retort, is that Bustos will no be allowed by the RI Politburo to be exposed to media events, where they feel they lack control of the debate platforms. After all Bustos has been knighted by Illinois Democratic Politburo Capo Dickey Durbin, who told Gualrapp he did so – since Bustos babysat for his family, so the Statewide Politburo would frown heavily on the local division should the Hare clone, Bustos, play open mouth/insert foot, as did Philobluster during his reelection bid. Since the Bustos, Phil Hare-like December outburst, the local politburo has probably taken to heart the old adage that before the primary –> Silence is Golden. If I were Gualrapp and Aguliar, I would pressure for debates held outside the Politburo safe zones; Since some outlets, like WQPT have long held connections to Ballard and the politburo puppet masters.  The real questions for Gualrapp and Aguilar to pursue, might be – why are the media outlets,  not  closely associated to the local politburo, continuing the silence about Durbins interference and attempted knee-capping of Bustos challengers,  in the election process as well, as the controlled muzzling of Bustos by the Politburo puppet-masters!


  1. It’s hard to judge this race from a distance, but from what I’ve seen, there appears to be a backlash against the Dick’s bigfooting it on this contest on Bustos’ behalf.

    My blog commenters were always a good source of information for this sort of insider stuff, although some of it was bogus and/or just plain wacky. S, do you think the general consensus is that Durbin’s interference has hurt rather than helped Bustos?

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  3. […] 17th District Democrat Primary – Silence is Golden ( […]

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