Posted by: thescoundrel | February 17, 2012

Wind Power Gasping for Air – Erie asking Where’s the beef

I see where subsiding for wind power my be on its last leg, under a new budget. I guess that makes it put up or shut up time for those hawking the benefits and savings from wind power. I personally hope that wind power “will” have a future, if we are to ever free ourselves from spending money with countries like Venezuela and Middle Eastern countries that will take much of that money and use it on anti-American propaganda and in some cases fund terrorist groups that will use violence on the US and/or allies. But as much as I hope it has a future, I am not sold it will.  The industry faces performance expectation obstacles that includes cost of maintenance financial difficulties,  plus NIMBY issues, even from Big National Supporters  – like the late Ted “and when I returned – Mary Jo and the car was gone” Kennedy.  

It was around four years ago when the little town of Erie, Illinois – about a ½ hour drive Northeast from the Quad Cities – eagerly jumped both feet into wind power, hoping to reap savings for their school system. They also ran into a NIMBY hurdle from a local big shot, whose farm the windmill encroached.  The problems were settled and the windmill built. But evidently the expected windfalls for the school system has not happened. Last year, the press reported that Erie was considering selling off its windmill operation as it has underperformed for the town. The last reports I read sounded as if the town was still asking – Where’s the beef? There was supposed to be a board discussion in late September of 2011, but I have yet to see any reports that give a final answer on the subject of staying the course versus selling off the windmill. That new technology underperforms is no big surprise. But if wind power is going to be a part of freeing the world from funding evil empires like Hugo Chavez and Iranian Mullahs,  it must learn to stand on its own two legs and operate at nominal expectations. The Erie School experiment has not been very promising. At the very best, it seems that the project is gasping for air. 


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