Posted by: thescoundrel | February 20, 2012

theScoundrels Election Slogans for Team Obama 2012

I read in the media where Team Obama is looking for new election slogans for 2012. He sure screwed up the 2008 hope and change mantras, unless you consider baby steps towards a Fascist form of Socialism-  a positive hope and change.

With that in mind, hot off  theScoundrels press,  here are my 2012 Obama bumper sticker suggestions  –>

(For readers, like me, who tend to need larger images – Click on each image to enlarge. 😉 )



  1. Past scoundrely suggested Obama elections slogans–>

    New and Improved Obama Biden 2008 Election Slogans

  2. He should just run on his accomplishments.

  3. Or maybe he should just stick with what he knows and run on his soaring rhetoric, sweet smile and sparkling personality.

    After all, it worked last time. 😀

  4. Ghost, my slogans contained his accomplishments! 😉

    He already is, QCEx. The Holy-One has still got most of the media running in protection and promotion mode for him.

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