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Erie Illinois School Board Extends Cone of Hazing Silence

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The saga of hazing charges being committed by athletes from Erie, Illinois High School continued in the news. The accuser went before the Erie School Board and stated his claims of hazing. According to the QCOnline story, the victim stated:

“as a freshman and sophomore, he experienced many hazing incidents, as did others in those classes. He told the board the incidents included being urinated on in the showers and having bare body parts “slapped against my head and into my face.”

At which point, as was suggested they would do in a previous post, the board lowered the “Cone of Silence” and closed the rest of the session to outside eyes and ears. After the closed session – no action was taken by the board. Any real surprise there? I doubt it.  I guess it was just a case of boys will be boys – that is until some less tolerant future or past victim decides to channel Columbine and take their pain and suffering out on the school body.

Another thought – is it possible that one of the reasons a shroud of silence has been implemented on the complaint,  is that one or more board members might have a personal interest in silencing the story? I don’t know, but it sure has that fishy smell of cover-up. One thing is for sure, the Boards shroud of silence has been used to create a blinding darkness – thus hiding the complainant’s story and any knowledge that could be gained from that story,  from the public.

The short story is that the Peyton Place err., Erie Board had no wish to have its dirty laundry exposed to the world. Thus the board, the media and the public can then embrace the manmade darkness and pretend that none of the nastiness ever really happened. It was all just a bad dream. Such is the fairytale world of the Erie School Board.



  1. Maybe the superintendent has something to hide…

  2. Well that’s the rub, isn’t it. No way to know without an open discussion of the events. With the board implementing the cone of silence any further information released -concerning the incident- to the public, will be sanitized by the School Boards Washer and Dryer before becoming media spin. I expected no less following earlier statements by the board released to the media. I do not know the superintendent so I cannot say what is happening in his mind. I do know a couple of the board members and my personal opinion is any investigation that included Brown, is suspect. But that opinion is certainly based on old data from his actions from years past. Perhaps he has changed, perhaps not. But then my opinion has always been – always suspect any person in charge of ruling judgement calls to lean towards CYA decisions. As I stated in earlier posts – past Erie Boards have never struck me any different than this one, when it comes to operating in the open with reputation damaging conflicts. But then that seems to be the same operating standard for most school boards.

  3. The board is clearly running damage control. To say that they can’t prove the allegations is just not true. They have already proved many of them but chose to call it Horseplay. They are just playing games with words.

  4. Horseplay can mean many different things each defined by individual perception. It can also be spin doctorese designed to quiet the masses and lull them back to sleep. It is a game of semantics played by those with the power to do so. Questionable actions and events perpetrated by students is nothing new – even in a small town like Erie. Neither is the game of CYA by limiting access to information. The board members probably have friends and family that could face embarrassment or worse – depending on the information. In those situations you can expect them to have each others back unless there is a dissenting voice in the mix. That leaves very little options available. The victim can appeal to higher voices – yet very often the higher voices have connections to those that are playing CYA. The last time I checked – one of the local political representatives, who strangely – barely had his hands slapped in high school, for drilling a large hole in the Towel Room door that connected to the girls shower room. The door gave a direct view of the girls shower area. Creating viewing apertures was a common practice by the Erie athletes, who operated the towel room. Yet to my knowledge, no one was ever punished and the administration was always hear no evil, see no evil, know no evil in what was a clear case of sexual harassment and privacy invasion of teenage girls by teenage boys. CYA. The only way to shake-up the system is to find a Knight to play defender of the weak and needy. Good luck with that one. I suspect the board will continue to play CYA, until the news grows old and people become disinterested looking for more new and vibrant news.

  5. thescoundrel- could you email me?

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  7. It’s a good thing my children are not in that school being effected by that situation. (not that I have any) But, it would not be pretty. Just sayin’.

  8. It is a small school in a small town about 30 minutes northeast of the Illinois Quad Cities. Actually it is a very nice school. I t has been many years since I graduated but graduating from the school was considered a bonus when applying to colleges. My cousin transferred there from a California school and I transferred a couple of years later from another local school. We were both in sticker shock when we first transferred. At that time the level of the school programs were like skipping a full grade compared to the school curriculum of my previous and slightly larger school. But my original point of the series of posts about the situation is that school boards at most schools are similar when it comes to hiding dirty laundry. They close the doors and shut out the world to keep all the secrets from coming out. They did pretty much the same thing at Riverdale in Port Byron when I attended there. I knew of a situation at UTHS in East Moline where shenanigans were happening back about two years ago – they weren’t the first I had encountered – but the mess was quietly kept from being exposed and the school and students involved were spared the embarrassment. It is not just an Erie problem. It is a wide-spread problem with boards – that naturally do not want to let the world see that school has its problems. But in hiding the problems the roots of the obstacles never get solved they just continue to fester and rot.

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