Posted by: thescoundrel | March 3, 2012

A Politicians Dream Gun

According to an article on Y! Tech, Japan is working on a gun that can silence people speaking out of turn and keep them from talking.  According to the article the gun absorbs the sound coming from the speaker and plays it back at a rate, that confuses the brains response to the normal brain-to-auditory  process. It all sounds like trying to watch a movie where the voice and picture are out of synch to this tech-challenged blogger.  I am sure that on normal everyday people this will be very effective in making them look like dullards. I doubt its effectiveness on politicians, professional public speakers  and spin doctors – whom close their minds and ears off to the world around them, basking in the glory of their fifteen minutes of pomp and fame upon a public pedestal, while they speak million dollar multi-syllabic words, in lengthy run-on sentences, about subjects they are unknowledgeable about and/or see as merely a headline that will make them sound important to the world.  Meanwhile I am sure that Dean Wormer led Super-Secret Star Chambers, like currently operating in Erie, and bumptious power-hungry Mayors such as some indicate rules with his Iron Fist in Davenport, Iowa that seem to prefer faux  public meeting surrounded by backslapping disciples sans any uncomfortable opposing views – are cheering the invention and giddy with expectation of the opportunity to point and click a gun to shut up challengers to their status quo. It’s nothing less than a power mad politicians dream weapon.Of course this is just the amateurish opinion of a self-proclaimed scoundrel on the outside looking in. That and a Washington dollar, a Jefferson nickel and two Lincoln pennies might buy you something off the Mickey Dee dollar menu. Strange, it costs more for a 99 cent hamburger than  a dollar dance at the local strip club. Of course if Illinois politicians have their way, they will tax those also



  1. They should incorporate one of those into our tvs. Of course in Al Sharpton’s case you couldn’t tell if it was working or not, but we’d use it.

  2. Could Sharpton sound any more intelligible than he already does? 🙂

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