Posted by: thescoundrel | March 3, 2012

Let the Breitbart-Obama Conspiracy Theories Begin – later

It has been just days since conservative journalist Andrew Breitbart died. Now some theorists are already smelling assassination! It seems that Breitbart was soon to release damning video of POTUS Obama. So the theory is that Breitbart was killed to silence the information he was about to release. Somebody better call Ex MN. Governor Jesse “The Body” Ventura, I am sure he can get the scoop. Say, is his TV Show Conspiracy Theory still on?.

(You know Peanut Butter Parfait Nips are quite tasty until you get stupid and chew them, then they get stuck in your teeth and fillings.)

Okay I love a good conspiracy as well as anyone and more than most. But I just don’t see this conspiracy flying high except to the delusional. I am not a friendly face for Obama, and yes as POTUS he certainly has resources at his command to make anyone die or simply disappear off the face of the planet Earth! Heck, CIA involvement in assassinating JFK conspiracies, still run rampant almost 50 years after his death.E. Howard Hunt’s deathbed confession, being one of the latest in flaming the conspiracy fires as possible names on the grassy knoll list. But the likelihood of Obama actually being involved in the death of Breitbart rates high among nonsensical conspiracy theories. Face it if Obama was going to send out a goon squad after someone–> it would have been Glenn Beck, as Beck has vociferously exposed as much questionable Obama history as anyone.  Breitbart’s father-in-law, Orson Bean has reported the man suffered heart problems since 2010. The man led a busy life, which can be hard on heart patients. Plus killing Breitbart will not silence, just merely delay, whatever Obama misdeeds that were set to be exposed. So while making for interesting speculation I just do not see this Obama/Breitbart conspiracy gaining traction. Perhaps the next Obama/Breitbart conspiracy will have a better grip on reality. My philosophy has always been – Let the Conspiracy Theories Begin-  but when death is involved, why not let the family grieve before stirring the pot. 




  1. I guess you like conspiracy theories you agree with. Perhaps you should try walking down a better road of life. Brietbart was an excitable kind of guy. His blood pressure must’ve zoomed the day he screamed and yelled profanities at the OWS gathering. Perhaps his doctor had already warned him. You need to find out more about how he died before you start accusing people of an assassination.

  2. Nobody finds it in the least bit suspicious that his cause of death was declared as “natural” before he was even to the morgue? Yet it took days for toxicology reports to return to tell us what caused Whitney Houston’s death. And the press was all too willing to give her, a well-known crack-head, the benefit of the doubt and wait breathlessly for “official word”. But not with Mr. Breitbart. They just took the first explanation handed to them and moved on.

    If he was executed, I don’t think Obama had any direct involvement in it. I’m open to the idea that it was Wall Street goons who ordered the hit. A one-term Obama presidency would not be in their best interests, since they’re probably salivating at the possibility (probability) of more bailout money being shoveled their way.

    As for his heart and blood pressure issues (what, we don’t even have his autopsy report yet and already his medical records are somehow common knowledge?), any self-respecting assassin is going to leave as little evidence as possible. A known heart condition would be just the leverage the assassin would need. Just “help it along” a little with any of dozens of untraceable poisons and you’ve got a recipe for the perfect murder.

    There are more possibilities than you’re considering.

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  5. I am very comfortable with the roads I travel, Vince. I enjoy my Zelig type of life, furtively moving between the shadows and the light. Rubbing elbows with the apathetic, the left, the right, and the in-between.

    And I actually enjoy reading almost all conspiracy theories – not that I think many of them have much substance.Still as in all of life, with a conspiracy theory, you pick a push-me pull-you path that either intersects, avoids or offers resistance to the conspiracy. You can do it for fun or in earnest. The fun part about probing conspiracy theories is it allows you to sort through the smoke and find the embers of reality that fed the fire that created the smoke.

    Nut perhaps you should actually read a post before commenting. Nowhere in my post did I offer credence to the Obama/Breitbart assassination theory. In fact I clearly stated that the Obama/Breitbart assassination theory rated high among nonsensical conspiracy theories. Or is tossing around false assassination accusations part of the Machiavellian Philosophy of Alinsky worshipers such as yourself?

  6. Rob, I said that I am sure that, as a US POTUS, Obama has the means to assassinate or make anyone disappear off the face. But for any person of importance to actually pursue such a course – he feel that there is something to gain from the action: and he must feel comfortable that his team can plan and execute the event without stirring up a trail of dust that leads back to the organizer. As I explained in my post, I do not see any gain for Obama to attempt an assassination on Breitbart. And though I am sure our nations various branches of national and foreign services have a great deal of expertise in clean kills – killing a US citizen as high upon the food chain as Beitbart – would make it a near impossibility to clear-up all loose ends involved in the event, even with the mainstream media disciples more than eager to play cover-up for Obama. When a coroner says different – then I will be ready to consider assassination theories.

    It was Breitbart’s family and friends that proposed the heart problem scenario. And young people do die of heart conditions – no conspiracy involved. I know a couple of individuals that died young from heart conditions. One was 42 and the other was 38. The 42 year old had a long history of heart problems and did not mange his lifestyle in a manner that would minimize the problem. The 38 year-old had no history of heart disease that I am familiar with. And yes I have always considered the possibility of foul play as he did tend to do business with people that possessed the moral flexibility to individually play judge, jury and executioner about who lives and who dies. But he was also a frequent fad dieter, losing and gaining great mounts of weight over short periods of time. That process is also supposed to be hard on your body, especially your heart. And that was the call the coroner made. I live with that decision despite any disbelief and/or conspiracy that I may still sustain, decades later. So is it possible Breitbart was offed professionally? Anything is possible but that does not make it reality. In the end the decision is up to the coroners office, not me or anyone else. And if conspiracy is to be the ultimate path taken for the death of Breitbart the road will need better pavement for it to gain traction.

  7. I read that the LA coroner was going to do an autopsy due to Breitbart’s young age—not that the results will stop the conspiracies! I suppose Breitbart’s boast last month at CPAC that he had video of Obama from his college days fueled the conspiracy fires and Obama has come out saying he has the right to assassinate Americans suspected of terrorism, so who knows? If Breitbart would have been hit by a drone attack, that might make me a believer! 😀

    I saw Breitbart at the Quincy event in September ’09 and re-reading my notes, my opinion of him was “Breitbart rocks—said WE ARE the media now. Lots of fiery passion”. I thought he was one of the “stars” of the event—the other two being Aaron Schock and Dana Loesch.

    The “we are the media now” is true—-he may have been the Moses of the conservative media movement, but it will continue.

  8. Hey Now! Be careful on that drone stuff – you are likely to spur the conspiracy into a growth pattern! After all Obama is seeking drone coverage of the mainland. 😉

    Great and small conspiracies have found a home with late night radio host George Noory on the midnight-to-4:00 am show he took over from Art Bell – Coast to Coast AM. I love that show. On nights I can’t sleep I listen to it. Once a conspiracy grows legs it usually continues running around like a chicken with its head cut off. (A very crazy experience if you have never seen such an event.) After the initial surge the conspiracy will lose some steam. But there will always be a core group that continue to fan the flames to keep the conspiracy embers glowing. To this day we continue to read about the various 9-11 conspiracies and the numerous Obama conspiracies. None of them have much legs left but there will always be those who keep fanning those flames. My personal favorite conspiracy revolves George Bush, John Kerry and other political personage running around in chicken suits playing all kinds of fowl (pun intended) games. 😆
    Evidently Breitbart was busy working on his newest work titled–>

    “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?” – “Who guards the guardians?”

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  12. […] Let the Breitbart-Obama Conspiracy Theories Begin – later ( […]

  13. […] Let the Breitbart-Obama Conspiracy Theories Begin – later ( […]

  14. […] Let the Breitbart-Obama Conspiracy Theories Begin – later ( […]

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