Posted by: thescoundrel | March 14, 2012

The Defanged Dispatch Argus Media – She was my babysitter also

In what may or may not be a surprise to residents of the 17th District of Illinois, the local paper – The Dispatch/Argus  has endorsed  Cheri Bustos over her Democrat opponents in the Democrat Primary for Congressman. I would have thought them likely to lean towards a more “peoples” candidate, like Aguilar, though I  am not shocked by the recommendation.  For what some left-wingers like to call a conservative-leaning newspaper – the Dispatch/Argus has seemed overly fond over the last few years of playing hear-no-evil/see-no-evil/know-no-evil when it comes to possible political skullduggery surrounding the Democratic Politburo primary practices.

The old adage states -> fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.  Well certainly when it comes to political reporting the Dispatch/Argus seems to think pretending to vet candidates is accepted practice that the public should accept from their news media.  I am not talking about the standard practice of giddiness towards certain candidates portrayed by the local reporters as they swoon over Obama, Hare and now Bustos. I have stated before, it is almost impossible to write a story without either consciously or unconsciously tainting the objectivity of the story with flowery words and expressions. What I am talking about is the situation that seems to be SOP for local and national media – where they pretend that all is normal and quiet in the political trenches when suspicious behavior arises. It was obvious that something was amiss when Phil Hare was first forced onto the voting public using an end-around maneuver, by then Rock Island Democratic Chairman, John Gianoulis – also a mover and shaker with the now convict Rod Blagojevich’s campaign- over the top of  other possible candidate. Afterward the forced selection of Hare , it was leaked that those that had dared to  challenge the coronation were come down on with political strong arming tactics with their political careers threatened. And our local media watchdogs -whom you would have thought could have smelled a story-  were strangely silent and even kept an innocuous approach towards the RI Politburo and the events that followed the good-old-boy backroom selection process that selected Phil Hare. So you would think that when candidates started falling by the wayside in the recent Democrat Primary followed by stories from those candidates of US Senator Dicky Durbin strong-arming potential opposition to the anointed one by political insiders – Cheri Bustos. Nope – it seems somebody must have defanged our media watchdogs or they are too busy snatching the scraps of green meat being tossed their way by someone with Bustos ties. For very similar to the Hare coronation – the Dispatch/Argus barely mentions it, dismissing it as no-harm/no-foul in their article Primary 2012. Then they  jump on the Bustos bandwagon with little more to offer -than the Durbin reasoning of she was my babysitter- by recommending Bustos because:

As a former elected official in the Arsenal’s backyard and as a former Q-C journalist, Ms. Bustos would seem better armed to fight to protect and promote the Quad-Cities biggest employer and important cog in the wheel of the nation’s military readiness.

Ah once again Bustos is recommended not because of talent – but because they relate to her as a former member of the defanged QC journalist corps and because she is from the QC. Hmm, in reality just another way of the media quoting Durbin’s – vote for Bustos because she was my babysitter. Woodward and Bernstein they are not! Whether the Durbin stench is real or just vaporous smoke- the Shame is on you Dispatch/Argus for your hear-no-evil/see-no-evil/know-no-evil approach to reporting.



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