Posted by: thescoundrel | March 16, 2012

The Doppelgänger Muppet Effect of Politburo Politics

All three candidates -Greg Aguilar, George Gualrapp and Cheri (the 8×12 Glossy Senior Pics advertisement candidate) Bustos- seeking to represent the Democrat Party in the fall election for Congressman of the 17th District of Illinois were given an opportunity to shout out to the world in debate, as to why they were the best person to represent the District in Washington DC. They all failed.  While watching a yawner of a media monitored debate, two similar adages came to mind; ” in for a penny in for a pound ( along with whats good for the goose is good for the gander,  this was one of my late grandmother’s favorite sayings) ” and “If you don’t want it bad enough to risk losing it- you don’t want it bad enough.” None of the candidates went all out in the debate to display themselves as in it to win it.  Watching the debate was like watching Pete, Re-Pete and Re-Re-Pete trying to think of  ways to rephrase similar answers to asked questions. It was like some Doppelgänger Effect had created three people whom were all factory designed lifeless Muppet characters, with individuals behind the scenes moving and talking for the characters, in some politburo scripted dance routine.  It was as if none of the candidates wanted to win the debate. While that may be fine for Bustos, the more public exposure she gets -the more evident it becomes she has been muzzled and subjected to ventriloquism by the Illinois Democrat  Politburo- pushing her to the front of the pack, Aguilar and Gualrapp will need sizzle to overcome the special interest moneyand power brokers forcing Bustos upon the electorate. Neither candidate seems willing to risk it all to win the candidacy. Bustos doesn’t have to risk – she is the smoky-backroom hand-picked successor to Phil Hare.  She will get all the dispensation and opened doors that special-interest money and power brokers can create. As ugly and nasty as it has become; the Romney-Santorum-Gingrich race for the Republican Representative to run for President this fall, which mirrors the 2008 Clinton-Obama race for the candidacy in its fervency – is a display of in-it-to-win.  But it is hard to shine out as special when you project as one of three doppelgänger Muppets like Aguilar and Gualrapp. And if you are not in it to win – even at the risk of losing everything including the degradation that accompanies rejection and loss– then you have to ask  yourself, why are you competing and why are you disillusioning your supporters with your lackluster efforts. If the debate is any inkling to the actual desire of Aguilar’s and Gualrapp’s desire to win this contest, they have both run up the white flag of surrender to the status quo of special interest power brokers. In for a  penny in for a pound or quit pretending that you really care and can make a difference. If you don’t care enough to win then you are really already out of the contest, which is what Durbin and the Illinois Politburo actually wants – a faux contest with the look of non-interference from the smoky backroom of political wheeling, dealing and pandering.



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