Posted by: thescoundrel | March 30, 2012

The Never Ending Story of Conspiracies

Okay, I admit it, I love a good conspiracy! Considering their popularity and plague like proliferation, I get the impression that an overwhelming amount of people love a good conspiracy. To the best of my understanding, most are a crock of BS. Most are forged like any great TALL TALE of fiction by mixing fact and fiction to create a somewhat believable story.  That gives a never-ending life to many conspiracies.  Over on Live Science, Benjamin Radford posted a list of their top ten greatest conspiracies. I had heard of all but one the conspiracies.  I was surprised at the order of a couple of the listings. I did not notice a statement as to why they placed them in their particular ratings order. Here is the list in reverse order, enjoy:

10.   The 9-11 US Government Involvement Conspiracy (Fueled by the Bush Deranged!)

09.   The Princess Diana Murder (As government conspiracies run – this one seems to have marathon legs.)

08.   Subliminal Advertising (one of my personal favorites)

07.   The ‘69 Moon Landing Hoax (As a kid I had many an argument with adults believing in this one)

06.   Paul McCartney’s Supposed Death in the Sixties ( #9, #9, #9)

05.   The John F. Kennedy Assassination (The death of E Howard Hunt recently threw some wood on this fire.)

04.   The Roswell Crash Cover-up (You mean their was no Grays? Only at #4, ??? WOW!)

03.   The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion  (One I had never heard of!)

02.   Satanic Cults (Go Geraldo, Go! Maybe the evidence was lost inside Al Capone’s vault.)

01.    Big Pharma Drug/Cure Suppression  ( This number one rating  has to break the hearts of Big Pharma Haters.)



  1. The birthers didn’t make the list? We do live in interesting times.

  2. Yeah I was surprised by that one also. I also figured the birthers conspiracy would be high on the list. But I would never have predicted the first three higher than the JFK and Roswell conspiracies.

  3. Where is the mainstream media on numerous significant un/under-reported stories , like :
    operation northwoods
    gen wesley clark’s videod talk revealing the military plans for the mid east in 2007
    the NDAA
    the death of dr david kelly
    operation gladio
    agenda 21
    codex ailimentarius
    club of rome
    bohemian grove
    bilderberg group ??

    All facts , all un/under-reported stories by MSM .

    Luckily i am far better informed by so called “kooky conspiracy theorist” web sites !

    Now go get informed and stop bleating like an ignorant uninformed sheep !

  4. I would not count on the mainstream media for any news that is difficult to research and verify. Due to budget constraints and a generalized lazy approach towards journalistic endeavors – mainstream media pretty much relies on press releases, national and global media sources and fluff to fill their news media formats.

  5. […] The Never Ending Story of Conspiracies ( […]

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