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Bits and Pieces Seen from the Darkened Shadows

Dark Shadows

Dark Shadows (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I haven’t been blogging much lately but I have been skulking and observing in the darkened shadows of anonymity that surfing the Internet offers. In my previous post I questioned the decision of the Dispatch/Argus on their changes to their QCOnline formats. So far I have not noticed any unacceptable limitations on my accessing their website, as a newspaper subscriber, other than my previous login no longer works for posting comments on their articles. That is as much my fault as theirs as I have chosen not to re-register a name with their new partners in monitoring their comment section. I have noticed that they seem to have experienced a decrease in their comment sections since the change. When doing a 25 comment search the log often has to go back two days to find 25 comments. That probably means less work for their comment moderators – though I am unsure how it will effect their revenue share for advertisement royalties with what seems a considerable amount of lessened comment area traffic.

I have to admit I am glad the Republican Primary is tailing off – it was getting to be pretty much a sleep-inducing repeat of the Clinton/Obama Political Wars of 2008: sans any birther issue. I can’t say I am a fan of any of the finalists and since Gov. Huckabee (the only individual of any party that truly interested me) did not run; My vote still belongs to anybody but fellow Illinoisan, the False Prophet Obama.

After setting my all-time record length as a Grumpy Curmudgeon, this month, my diverticulosis lessened up enough I took in a movie. I went out to the Moline Great Escape and saw the Hunger Games. I liked it! It nicely combined action with drama while attempting a Rod Serling like approach of including morality narrative as part of the storyline background.

Before the movie there were the usual movie trailers of upcoming events attempting to seduce the theater patrons back for new movies. It looks like another banner summer for Marvel Comics in the movie industry. Their were trailers for two of their comic books that have been turned into movies. The Avengers as well as a new Spiderman release are due out soon. There was also a trailer for the late 60’s soap opera Dark Shadows that has been made into a movie.

Okay, I have been a Dark Shadows fan since the early 1990’s. I was introduced to the original 1960’s series and the 1990’s remake of the original when the Sci-Fi channel first came on the air in 1992(?). For the first several years of Sci-Fi Channel’s birth they played Dark Shadows daily sometimes they played they re-aired the same episodes in the morning as well as the evening. This came in handy when power outages interrupted my VCR recording sessions. I had looked forward to the upcoming Dark Shadows movie when I heard the original rumors. I was less excited when I heard it would star Johnny Depp and directed by Tim Burton. If what I have been reading on the Internet and what little I could tell from the trailer are true indicators – my building dissatisfaction is warranted. It looks as if Burton is turning what was a classic Gothic Soap Opera Drama into a Campy production. That does not please this Dark Shadows fan. Plbttt! It also makes me waver considerably at the idea of choosing to pay to see it at a movie theater, where it will cost mega-bucks – when I can just wait for it to come out in DVD and watch it from the comfort of my home for less money.  I was saddened to read that the original actor that played Barnabas Collins, Jonathon Frid, had died on April 14 of this year.  He along with several of the other original series actors played party guests in a scene from the upcoming movie.

On a blogging note the last few weeks has seemed like Akismet must be running overtime for the load of SPAM I have found in my Spam section of the blog. Much of it from the same loons. What a waste of time for everyone -including the loony SPAMMERs- as the garbage never even sees the light of day. 🙄



  1. I know very little of the original series, but the movie seems to be more like the Starsky & Hutch movie version of the original TV series. Very campy. As you, I may be waiting until it is in Redbox.

  2. From what we’ve seen of the trailers, this version is nothing like the original.
    With Johnny Depp it seems more like the pirates of the Carribean meet Scoobie Doo.

  3. Yeah the movie trailers did nothing to assuage my worries about the content of the movie. Granted the original series had unintentional camp due to the lack of special effects available in the sixties. Plus from my various readings about the series creator – Dan Curtis – he comes across as something of a tightwad. The fact that he chose to film each episode live to save on costs says a lot about spending habits. And retakes were basically a nonevent. LOL – some episodes displayed the dangers of filming each episode live better than others. There were often dialogue errors where actors had to ad-lib to replace lines they had forgotten. Perhaps one of the funniest incidents I read was a case where there was some time error in getting the Roger Collins character on stage for his scene. The actor played by Louis Edmond rushed out to his scene and they had to film him from the waist up as he had not had time to put on his pants. Thus he was standing on stage in his dress shirt, jacket and boxers! LOL! But for all its filmed live glitches the show was an extremely entertaining drama. Let them leave the intentional camp to Adam West and his old Batman series.

    I have never been able to watch the Starsky and Hutch Movie all the way through. I am glad I never went to the movie theater to watch it. Yeah Depp does seem to pick campy roles like the one in Pirates. While watching the trailer I kept waiting for the Barnabas character to flash some Scissorshands as his look reminded me of the Edward Scissorshands character.

  4. As for the H-D pay to play scheme, I ain’t playin’. In fact we used our “free” 7 articles in the first day. 🙂 My local Texas paper also has a paywall, but all you have to do is give a username and password. If I was still blogging, I don’t know what I would do; the H-D was probably my most linked source, and since I had a subscription to the paper version, I would probably sign on even though, like you, Mr. Exam hates having even more sign in accounts. However, since most of my readers never clicked on my links anyway, I guess it would be a wash. That the H-D has fewer commenters is probably a win for them; by the time I quit blogging, I hated most of my commenters. I can only imagine what bile and hate the moderators at the H-D had to endure.


    As for the GOP POTUS race, I agree—thank the gods it’s over. Reviewing some of my archives, I discovered I had the same loathing for the candidates of both parties in ’08 just as I do in ’12. Like you, I’ll be voting for the anti-Obama, which I would even if the candidate was Godzilla (nobody would mess with us then!)


    As for Dark Shadows, I think we had a conversation about this a while back. I got hooked when in college (in the ’60s) because back in the day our dorm only had one TV in the lounge and a Shadows freak always had it on when I was between classes, so I just started sitting down and getting hooked! After college and during summers, I couldn’t watch it—no VCRs, etc. back in the day. 😀 But it was the only daytime soap I ever watched. I loved the tortured vampire bit which was original—something that Anne Rice made $$$$ with her novels. The only vampire movie I’m interesting in watching is “Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter” which is supposed to come out in June. I LOVED that book and I hope they do it justice in the movie.


    As for spam, one of the advantages of not blogging is that my spam is FINALLY down to single digits. Gawd, I hate those people!

  5. […] Bits and Pieces Seen from the Darkened Shadows ( […]

  6. QCEx -That the paper was trying to discourage comments was along my line of thinking also. I am sure there are way more man hours involved in the comments than either the Dispatch or its competitor the Times want to deal with. Not to mention all the extra band width needed.

    Yeah the blogging can get tiresome at times. There have been several times I have considered quitting the blog world with all the personal crap I have went through the last few years. I have cut way back on my posting here and on other blogs. Not sure when, if ever, I will ever get back to a full steam of posting. But during those sleepless periods I often experience, it beats most TV offerings at 2 am-4am.

    The original Dark Shadows is what I use for comparison when considering supernatural shows or movies. One show that you rarely see in syndication that I also felt was a great Vampire series was the short-lived “The Kindred”. I think part of the reason they might have went camp on the new Shadows is the difference of the time period we live in. The original Shadows took place during the sixties and seventies where a little shock value went a long way. While I liked the 90’s version of Shadows – many of the characters persona had to be changed to fit the decade. For me, at least, many of those changes ruined certain characters in the show. But as they say the times they are a changing!

  7. You made some good points there. I checked on the net for more information about the issue and found most people will go along with your views on this website.

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