Posted by: thescoundrel | May 24, 2012

Caution – Good Old Boy Politics Hard at Work

One of my pet peeves about politics since before my blogging days has been the inequities of opportunity for political candidates that choose not to run with either the Democrat or Republican party bumper stickers steadfastly adhered to their name. And unless you are already a Golden Boy or Girl of either political party -or- you happen to have a political demigod as a champion inside either party; your chances of advancing past the starting point of an election are slim to none.

There was a great example of that during the recent Democrat Primary where sitting US.State Senator from Illinois, Dicky Durbin used his insider political clout to force his former babysitter, Cheri Bustos into the prominent role as front runner as the 17th District of Illinois Democrat candidate for US House of Representative.  Just as when they forced former Congressman Phil Hare into the role – we will never know all the dirty little backroom secret deals that were cut, to position Bustos to win the Democrat primary. If the media were the real watchdogs of Democracy they pretend to be – they would expose the corruption that allows such Good Old Boy tactics; that run wild in both the Democrat and Republican Party. But the Media has long been defanged and pretty much has phased into stenography journalism, where the only reporting they do is regurgitated press releases by the two major political parties. Don’t expect any real reporting or political watchdog protection from the decayed corpse of the media.

Former Democrat candidate Eric Reyes continues to find out just how badly the two parties stack the deck against competition from those candidates that party insiders deem not worthy.  Reyes was one of the original challengers to  Cheri Bustos for US House of Representative seat. He had the actual courage to publicly challenge and expose Dicky Durbin for his bully tactics on challengers to Bustos during the Democrat Primary. He then dropped out of the fixed race to run as an independent. Of course -as talked about in a QCOnline interview with Reyes Independents find that the Scoundrels and Scalawags comprising the two-party system throws up political roadblocks to competition that chooses not to  run as either a Dem0ocrat or Republican. It seems, while Bustos and Schilling only have to get 600 registered signatures to get on an election ballot – Independents like Reyes, must collect over 5000 to get their name on the ballot. Caution Good Old Boy Politics hard at work – because neither party likes a fair fight.



  1. Ah yes. Schilling and Bustos are afraid that Reyes will WIN. LOL

  2. Of course neither one is afraid of Reyes. They have no reason to be. But what both the Democrat and Republican parties are afraid of is the wild card effect of an Independent in the race. First the two-party system places an extra obstacle course that Independents must maneuver that makes Independents mostly non-entities. The system understands an Independent will steal votes from one candidate or the other thus possibly tipping the race. If I were Schilling, I would be working as hard as I could to get Reyes in the race as Reyes is highly more likely to take votes from Comrade Bustos than Schilling. But that is not my point in the post. My point is the two party system has rigged the playing field making it possible for them to control our political system. The rigged system creates choice A or Choice B and limits competition that could force the two parties two listen to the people whom cast the votes. Instead we have a system where candidates must bend a knee to power brokers and follow their wills when it comes to making legislation. Reyes is currently experiencing that bitch slapping. Gualrapp publicly stated he experienced bullying tactics from Durbin, similar to Reyes, during the Democrat Primary. When Philobluster Hare was anointed, the buzz was that candidates Rob Mellon and the former RI Mayor Scweibert were also bitch slapped for daring to challenge the status quo of the party. The system is rigged and until we find a way to force diversity in candidates there will always be a Politburo lackey like Phil Hare of Cheri Bustos ready to serve their political masters instead of serving the people.

  3. S, regarding your “The rigged system creates choice A or Choice B and limits competition”, in ’08 when the feckless and idiotic GOP failed to field even a token candidate against the Mighty Hare, Troy Dennis from Mt. Zion came forward and filed for the Green Party.

    What possible threat could have Mr. Dennis posed for Hare and the Dems? None. But since they had the money, muscle and lawyers to fight it, they went through Dennis’ petitions with a fine-toothed comb and got him tossed off the ballot. A warning shot across the bow, I guess, but what an example of bullying—the Dems didn’t even want a choice between A and B—they wanted no choice at all. How (un)democratic of the Democrat Party.

    I just thank the gods Schilling wasn’t impressed or intimidated by the Dems hardball tactics when he ran, otherwise Hare would have been congressman until he croaked out.

  4. “I guess, but what an example of bullying—the Dems didn’t even want a choice between A and B—they wanted no choice at all. How (un)democratic of the Democrat Party. ”

    That is a problem with our two major parties. I know I continually harp on this but until most voters start recognizing that tromping to the ballot box and pulling the lever for a candidate simply because he-or-she is a Republican or Democrat we will be stuck to choose from whatever pretty face the two parties manipulate the system in order for control.

  5. […] persecuted by both the Democrat and Republican Parties.  But then, that is old news that  I have stated numerous times. The Two Party motto is grounded in the philosophy of –> Candidates Wanted- Individualists […]

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