Posted by: thescoundrel | June 4, 2012

Pay to Play

I was reading a couple of stories recently where the law practices conflicting comportment concerning  similar circumstances. And while I choose to believe both sets of  individuals facing the legal system made choices that I consider -stupid is as stupid does- questionable behavior –> one practice is actually illegal while a similar practice is not. My question becomes – in the eyes of the legal system, why is one behavior legal and the other not?

In the first case a Utah man –Kody Brown– has been facing charges of bigamy after TLC made a popular television show called Sister Wives, surrounding his polygamous marriage lifestyle with four wives. The family  also has 17 children. With four wives and 17 children  – I would need a large supply of pharmaceuticals including Aspirin, Viagra and some sort of happy pill just to survive.  I wouldn’t even want to think about how I could financially pay for the living arrangement- much less four women cursing at me for leaving the toilet seat up, hanging the toilet paper the wrong direction as well as my large collection of Moline Dispatch editions for reading material kept in the bathroom. (In my childhood days the newspaper would also have joined the Sears and Roebuck and Montgomery Wards catalogs in serving the extra duty of replacing toilet paper in the out house.) Fortunately for the family in question legal proceedings of bigamy by Utah authorities have been dropped.

In the similar yet different case (legally) another man –Desmond Hatchett–  whom  has fathered 30 children with eleven different women, does not have to worry about polygamy charges, as he has not bothered to marry any of the children’s mothers.  Yet he has faced legal problems for several years; due to the fact that he is incapable of keeping up with child support payments, for so many children. No doubt that is a problem. Payments of child support for 30 children would probably send Bill Gates into the poorhouse. The man is now seeking financial help from the government to meet his child support.

The conundrum for a poor simple hillbilly like me is – why does the law look at the man with four wives and seventeen children as a bigamist criminal, yet the man with thirty kids from eleven different mothers, is only a criminal when he can’t pay his child support. Now I don’t  personally care how many wives or children a man has or doesn’t have. I have been a lifelong bachelor my whole 29+ years on this planet. (Maybe it’s the toilet seat issue?) And one wife sounds  like more than I could handle at this stage. I do believe that if you are going to take the time and effort to make babies – you are personally financially responsible for them. Yet I do question a law that punishes one person while another skates on a technicality. Perhaps it is time to dump the bigamy laws. Or better yet, perhaps it is time to get government out of the marriage business altogether and leave it up to the churches and religious institutions that created it. The governments time concerning marriage is better off spent chasing down deadbeat dads and moms whom don’t like to pay to play.



  1. The government might as well make bigamy legal, they’ve legalized just about everything else that some consider outside the norm. As for Mr. Hatchett, he should take on more jobs. If he was busy working all the time he wouldn’t have time or energy to make anymore babies.

  2. cruiser is right—-once the law of the land is the “right” for everyone to be married to “who they love” none of this will matter; bigamy OK, brother/sister love OK, brother/brother love OK, polygamy OK, Wilbur and Mr. Ed—OK, NOT OK. 😀

    Once gay marriage is the law of the land there will be no reason not to accept all other “love”.

    But as for the guy with 30 kids, what is needed is a massive re-education camp for all the women stupid enough to have unprotected sex with irresponsible idiots.

    jGet a clue ladies—love jerks if you must, but don’t create new people to be hurt and damaged by your idiocy.

    After all, it’s for the chilllldren!

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