Posted by: thescoundrel | June 13, 2012

Another Stupid is – as Stupid does – Union Moment

A long time ago in a Galaxy no very far away, there was a time when Unions provided an essential benefit to society. My personal opinion – is that they still could be an essential part of society.  But first they need to take a soul-searching look into the festering wounds that are eating away at the spirit of life that sustains the body. Somewhere along the way Union members have carnally infected the Union body by consummating relations with various Typhoid Mary organizations such as Organized Crime, Socialists and Communists. And what were once organizations designed to fight corruption in business and government, have allowed infectious diseases from outside sources to evolve  Union Organizations, that are as corrupt as those systems they were formed to fight. In some events Union members were caught on camera attacking Tea Party members at Obamacare townhall meetings and  menacing children at the homes of individuals the Union leadership were seeking to intimidate.  And yet, many Union members wonder why more and more individuals,  (many like myself, whom come from Union member households) have become disenchanted with Big Union and its membership.  In yet another  recent Stupid is – as Stupid Does – Union moment;  public workers Unions are busy circling the Union Labeled wagons and financially supporting a bigotry spewing Brooklyn candidate described in one article as “a candidate who has allied himself with despots like Muammar Qaddafi and Robert Mugabe, while calling Israel “the biggest terrorist in the world.” The Union Body continues to demonstrate that their infected spirits are busy spreading the very same disease of terror they were created to oppose.


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