Posted by: thescoundrel | June 13, 2012

“Stoopid” is as Stupid Does Moment in Education

There is no shame in failing a grade in school. It happens. Failure is always a part of life. It teaches us and motivates us.  Failure in school doesn’t necessarily mean a student is “Stoopid”.  It does mean that the student -for whatever reason- is not prepared for graduating into more advanced educational studies. Yet in our current politically motivated and PC world, some public servants in our public school systems continue to push students through the system improperly prepared for each new level of education.  In one case as reported by Walt Buteau; a school Principal in Central Falls, R.I. in a “Stoopid is as Stoopid Does Educational Moment“, stated that – Grades of ‘F’ in four core subjects at Central Falls’ Calcutt Middle School are not enough to hold students back, according to teachers who claim they were ordered to pass the failing students onto high school. Huh! After reading the article and the public comments that followed the story – I am not sure where the decision was political, personal or simply PC motivated nonsense. I do know it is not fair to the students, the parents, fellow students and even the teachers expected to fix the problems encountered when a student is being asked to perform more advanced levels of course he has already been struggling with. I have known students and even adults whom were either being or were pushed through the system by school officials. The public education system failed those people by not failing them at lower levels and forcing them into advanced studies they were not ready for.  It is stories like the R.I. One that continue to prove to me, that if we truly want to improve our public schools we need to go to school voucher system. That way parents can choose to send their kids to a competing private or public school that will serve the educational needs of the students and their parents, instead of the whims of educational officials. The competition will help clear out the weeds choking out the educational gardens designed to nurture our children’s education.



  1. Instead of teaching the kids to make school more enjoyable they now push them through the system unprepared, confused, and aggitated. Since it almost
    takes an act of God to get rid of sub-standard teachers it will continue. Too bad it’s not about the kids anymore.

  2. It is more about making them good little government workers.

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