Posted by: thescoundrel | July 11, 2012

Zonks – A Sign of Times to Come?

According to media sources a third city –San Bernardino- in the State of California has filed for bankruptcy, all within a two-week period. Considering the disastrous state of the Illinois economy under constant mismanagement by Illinois legislators , past and present – are we seeing in California a dark omen for the future of the State of Illinois! According  to the Sunshine Review, as of July 2012, Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka said the state has a backlog of 160,000 bills to be paid totaling $8 billion.  Illinois’ financial situation was said to be worse than any other state in the country according to a study by the National Conference of State Legislatures, with the state’s budget situation called “tenuous at best.” There is an old adage that states -You  reap what you sow. In the case of Illinois that may be true as voters continue to vote the same clueless and/or corrupt  and/or repackaged political clones back into office – at state and federal levels.

The Illinois legislation – long held in an unbreakable  strangle-hold by the Democrat Party- combined with severely-deficient  leadership from both Democrat and Republican Governors has rarely met a piece of pork legislation,  they couldn’t justify passing. Yet the State is in backlog in financial pledges to City and County governments as well as untold businesses. And when explaining away their actions, our legislators resort to Orwellian Doublespeak.  Who will pay for all this financial mess? Why the people most in need; the poor, the needy and Seniors are already feeling the bite. And when creditors finally force push-comes-to-shove, the taxpayers will be forced to pay-up through higher taxes or watch as their financial legacies are devalued through bankruptcies similar to what we are seeing in California. I am also sure that their are lawyers and legislators from California, Illinois and numerous other financially strapped States -currently combing through law books- searching for some type of legalese that would allow them to pursue bankruptcy without calling actually it bankruptcy.

And yet still the voters of Illinois, California and other cash-strapped States will again trudge to the ballot box this fall and vote back in office, political dinosaurs like Michael Madigan, whom will continue to play Lets Make a Deal. The trouble is unless you are part of their closed-nit circle, they are all busy handing out Zonks instead of luxury vacations and fabulous prizes.  And as Monty Hall aptly put it – once you make the deal you are stuck with it. 😥




  1. From coast to coast, as all this unfolds, those of us who have managed to succeed (or at least stayed above water), will be called upon to save the bad actors. We won’t be given a choice. Our pockets will be ripped open. We will be raped of our savings, our future and our dignity. And no one will have the class to even say, “Thanks!”

    And it won’t go well. Those with our Founding Fathers’ DNA will end the dismantling of America.

  2. Sad days ahead. But as you say, the same crooks keep
    getting re-elected to do even more looting.

  3. I have said this as long as I have been blogging – the best thing that could happen to USAmerican politics would be a viable third party to rise from the current Black Hole of anonymity that serves as competition to the Democrat and Republican Parties. I had hopes for the Constitution Party or even the Libertarian Party. But they seem unable to find the energy levels needed to break free from the Black Hole. The current two-party system has placed too many legal road blocks so that competition rarely finds freedom beyond local levels. And our 😉 media-watchdogs 😉 have too many financial feed troughs filled by the two-party system to actually use their power to embarrass the Democrat and Republican parties to forge rules easing competition.

  4. A third party won’t have the ‘distribution system’ that the Big 2 already have in place. For example, if Budweiser offers a new flavor, it can be in the stores tomorrow. And what would a third party offer; the best of the other two losers?

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