Posted by: thescoundrel | August 14, 2012

The Media – Sizzling Tragedy to Make Money and Sell Gun Restrictions

The National Media found another gun-control dog bone to chew on with the recent  tragic shooting in Texas. Is it newsworthy, Yes., it is! Just like any previous mass shooting was newsworthy. Still you have to ask yourself, why has the shooting grabbed national headlines with such media induced fervor.

Well part of the reason is it is the medias job to make hot potato soup from stone soup.  You can’t sell news without the SIZZLE!!! No SIZZLE, and to rephrase a line from an old movie called Ruthless People, the news is then kidnapped by K-Mart and the news -show gets marked down, forcing the media corporations to sale the news  rather than sell the news for advertising dollars. But their has to be other reasons for making a heartbreaking incident such as the Texas shooting, the front-page lead on so many standard and internet media outlets.

Last I heard there were three people dead  which included the shooter) and four people injured. No doubt, a horrifying event in swaggering gun-toting Texas. Yet in heavily restricted gun-controlled, gun-fearing Chicago there were over 49 murders take place (its first decrease since August 2011), just in July alone. Chicago, that big Illinois and USA City – that POTUS Obama is constantly shining and polishing as the birth of his political career. Chicago, that Obama golden-painted beacon of  Americana image and whose Obama Crony Mayor, Rham Emanuel,  went vociferously public across national media damning Chick-Fil-A restaurants about how the image such a family-oriented business would tarnish Chicago morals- is expected to finish out the year with over 500 murders, which would eclipse the totals of last year, 2011. But killing suburbanites and college people with a gun SIZZLES and SELLS the news to average media consumer more than a crime ravaged Progressive Liberal City, where residents kill each other on a daily basis. It makes you wonder why a nation that has a media over-run with Progressive Liberal worshiping reporters continues to fail the citizens of Chicago whom must daily face a plague of murder, while the media rush to sensationalize the tragic events such as the Texas shooting?

Well a huge reason is that Chicago, like most overly regulated gun-control cities, is a shining example – that over-restricting of gun control does not work. A mass shooting event, Horrifying? Yes, certainly. But more newsworthy than a POTUS heralded city who has averaged around 10 murders a week, that only rarely gets mentioned in the national press? No its not. But the liberal press can’t sell the sizzle of gun control to the public, when the daily news displays the idiocy of Progressive Liberals hatred of USAmerican citizen gun ownership. On the other hand selling gun control through fear-mongering by sexing up incidents against suburbanites, makes for hot stories where the press can make a pot of Gumbo from a single stone. And considering that much of the media are Progressive Liberals and POTUS Obamaton disciples – Chicago’s murder rate don’t make for good promotional material in their quest to put Obama back as Bus Driver in charge of driving the US towards Socialism/Communism.


  1. Living in TX this past year has been quite a culture shock. Although I live 130 miles from Bryan/College Station, all the local commentary I’ve seen about this atrocity is along the lines of “when will people learn to carry weapons everywhere?”

    So there is no cry to curb gun ownership, it’s all about if only someone had a gun on him/her this wacko could have been stopped before he killed even more people.

    Not exactly the Illinois Dem talking point, eh? 🙂

  2. I imagine it is a considerably different take on the situation. I don’t own a gun, never have. Never shot a gun. But I was brought up around guns so I don’t have the same irrational fear about them that progressive liberals have. Guns were simply tools. You needed them for food and protection from animals (not all of them the four legged kind.) Still, while there are a lot of Progressive Bigots that hate on gun owners – there are still a lot of QC liberals that are more conservative about gun ownership. Even some of the local Bush Deranged I know, put bumper stickers offering up their guns only from their cold dead hands. The worst part of the Gun Derangement crowd comes from near Chicago- where they need gun ownership the most. Go figure.

  3. Great slant on a real problem. We wonder if racism isn’t somehow involved as the shootings in Chicago are young black males shooting young black males.
    Where’s Sharpton?

  4. Chicago is an example of where predators prey upon the prey, not racism. Good question where are the political voices. The only time they are there are when cameras are present.

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