Posted by: thescoundrel | August 15, 2012

POTUS Obama Visits Quad Cities Today

Quad Cities -> Stock up extra food, water and necessities today. Lock your doors, board up your windows in hoping to protect your loved one because the Obamaton Zombies will be mindlessly wandering the streets of the Quad Cities hoping to get a chance to drool chunks  in front of the False Prophet of Hope and Change, Barack Obama, whom visits the Iowa side of the Quad Cities today. The word is he will be joined by his wife Michelle. So residents craving Food such as Big Macs, Hardee’s Monster Burgers, BK Whoppers, Sonic Onion Rings, Checkers Curly Fries, Whiteys Boston Shakes, Franks or Wiseguy or Harris or Shorty’s or Happy Joes Pizza etc… should probably make their purchase early so they can protect their food from the clutches of the NYC’s Mickey Bloomberg’s Food Police Queen-Nazi, Michelle Obama. There is absolutely no truth, to my knowledge,  in an unsubstantiated rumor I have started,  that the Mickey Obamas Food Police SS will be raiding the Bettendorf  based Ross’ Restaurant , after learning it was where Barack Obama had scarfed down the heart attack on a plate aka known as a Magic Mountain Sandwich during a past trip into the Quad City area. As Cruiser alluded it in his recent post – Be afraid, be very afraid!

Meanwhile looking a another past accomplishment (or should we call it what it was, another failure) of  President Obama who was going to clean up DC politics; we can see how hard his justice department has been working on the Obama promise of bringing the country together in harmony. After the Obama Justice Dept.  failing to prosecute a case that had already-been won  involving voter intimidation by the Black Panther Organization during an election – the defendants have been busy spreading their wings of hatein an effort to spread further disharmony and increase racial tensions.

In their own words, the Black Panther Organizations preaches extermination of the white race, then dig them up and continue repeating the process.

And  recently Black Panther members from the very organization the Obama Justice Dept. refused to prosecute, were busy promoting violence and proclaiming that “blacks need to  kill white babies “seconds” after they’re born”  — and even suggests firebombing nurseries to do it.

And today POTUS Obama will continue his false hope and change mantras here in the QC to his mindless minions seeking them to help promote four more years of his Elmer Gantry Big Top Circus.  Sadly, Obama not the Great Uniter he claims, but instead the Great Divider may just do that as the watch dogs of a free society. namely the press and mainstream media, have become his bishops and evangelists seeking to protect Obama while hiding the truths of his False Prophet messages. All Obama really offers is No Hope – No Change, just four more years of the same tired old Washington DC politics.



  1. After catching some of his “speech” on TV we lost our appetite. He lowered our taxes and reinforced Medicare? We’ll take whatever they’re smoking.

  2. Hah, he will just charge you a vice tax on it after he gives you whatever he is smoking! 😉

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