Posted by: thescoundrel | August 29, 2012

Family Friendly Television – Fail

The media reports that a new study shows a huge increase in full nudity displays -including 64 full frontal nudity incidents- during prime-time broadcasting for the major networks. The article didn’t indicate the numbers for afternoon soap operas. I don’t watch soap operas but I imagine the numbers are just as staggering. If you consider that many families need both parents working to survive – it creates a situation where children become prey for the Hollyweird establishment that worships and defends perverts like Roman Polanski. The days of family friendly television has become a joke to Network Television Executives. Family Friendly Television? A Big Fail!!!


  1. That is part of the reason we don’t watch much TV. Then the outright stupidity of other shows don’t help. Just seems like another instance of the lerosion of morals.

  2. I am an adult so I tend to watch adult themed shows. But the modern-day kids are being exposed to and influenced by senseless violence and questionable sexual content on television way before they have had time to emotionally mature.

  3. […] Family Friendly Television – Fail  ( […]

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