Posted by: thescoundrel | August 30, 2012

Handicapping the 2012 POTUS Election

As the election for the next President of the United States slogs on both the Democrat Spin Doctors and the Republican Spin Doctors are busy painting graffiti murals all across the media. Each Party will be pedantically researching their opponents words and actions for fissures and fractures that can be politically exploited. All the while the various media sources will be fervently figuring and refiguring the handicap odds in an effort to predict the eventual winner. At times like these it is best to go to the real experts on handicapping a horse race –>   –>



  1. Seems to us like the candidates have more spin than the spin doctors. Is it going to boil down to choosing the lesser of two evils again? Don’t know, but it will be interesting. The horse racing video brought back memories of Abbot and Costello.

  2. I have not heard enough bad about Romney that would classify him as an evil. I don’t know if he is the solution either. But I do know Obama isn’t the answer. And unlike Obama, Romney has a history of business success. That is something Obama lacks even as we nudge closer-and-closer to the end of his term as POTUS.

    LOL I love those old Abbot and Costello movies. I found them much funnier than Oliver and Hardy movies. I was perusing YouTube and working on this post when I stumbled upon the link above. I remembered seeing the movie the clip was from. When I replayed the clip- It was like Oh Yeah – this is meant to be! The clip is from Guys and Dolls. I would think that fugues like the one above must take an incredible amount of concentration by each actor – in order not to slip-up and sing the same line as either of the two other actors. I really love old musicals. And what few modern musicals that are made – I find inferior to the old musicals. The last musical I can remember -that I truly enjoyed- was “All That Jazz”.

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