Posted by: thescoundrel | September 1, 2012

Eastwood Made My Day plus 60 Shades of Barack

I have been reading and listening to the critiques of Clint Eastwood’s speech/soliloquy. I don’t watch political conventions so I never saw the live version.  But an advantage of the Internet is you don’t have to. After watching Eastwood all I could say was – awesome! All of us can only hope -assuming we even reach his stage of life- that we could go out and ad-lib a sketch as he did at the Republican Convention. My guess is that many of the detractors of his speech -and there were several from both the liberal and conservative media factions- if they ever do reach Mr. Eastwood’s age,  is that they will be lucky if they are not sitting in some nursing home in a urine-filled Depends while grunting to get the night nurse to change them; instead of standing in front of a huge live and televised audience hammering home your opinions. In fact other than  Bill Clinton, I doubt if there is a major political speaker, within my voting lifetime, that could have pulled it off at all. Certainly our current POTUS could not. He has trouble speaking, even with the teleprompter assisting him with his normal speeches. Not only was Mr. Eastwood able to get his points across, he did it in a humorous and entertaining manner. Face it most politicians would have fumbled the Eastwood piece to the point the audience in the convention, and at home, would have lost interest in the speech within the first couple of minutes. Bravo Mr. Eastwood, you certainly brought the beef and in a manner most people half your age could not have accomplished.

In another interesting political moment, it seems that a painter has created a portrait of current POTUS Barack Obama. The artist has painted Obama shading totems analyzing 60 of President Obama’s defining moments since he took office. There was no mention in the article by Liz Klimas, if President Obama plans on obtaining it, to use as his Presidential Portrait for display in the White House. The article and a depiction of the portrait can be found at this link.


  1. We liked it too. Sure, he stumbled a few times, but no more than Obama with a teleprompter.

  2. And Oprah cried again!

  3. Cruiser, I am an okay speaker when I get in front of a crowd; but whenever I get stuck with the job, I take plenty of notes to refer with. Eastwood is an octogenarian and pretty much free wheeled the whole speech. I am amazed at the quality of his live work.

    Yeah Ghost Oprah cries all the way to the bank. I read where she continues to be one of the highest paid performers. And she probably needs all the loot she can get her hands on considering the financial woes of her ego-stroking television network she formed.

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